Wind Rose

Wind Rose is a Progressive/Power Metal band from Tuscany, Italy, and they have been, since 2012, in the roster of the Italian metal label Scarlet/Bakerteam records.

Bio: Well, the journey started many years ago when Claudio (guitar) and Dan (drums) met in a school of music in their town, and Federico joined them to perform covers of progressive and power metal songs.

Then in 2009 Francesco (vocals) and Alessio (ex-bass) were added to the line-up and the band started to compose their own music.

In 2009 they also met Cristiano Bertocchi (ex-Labyrinth, ex-Vision Divine) who produced Wind Rose’s first EP that was self-released in 2010.

After the epic success of the EP the band started the composition of a full-length, released in 2012 by (Scarlet/Bakerteam records) and it was called “Shadows Over Lothadruin”.

In 2013 Wind Rose toured Europe supporting bands like Wintersun and Finntroll earning a lot of followers.

In 2014 Alessio has parted amicably with the band and Cristiano Bertocchi has become Wind Rose’s new bass player.

Wind Rose will enter the studio on may to record their second studio album.

Current line-up is:
Francesco Cavalieri – Vocals
Claudio Falconcini – Guitars
Federico Meranda – Keyboard
Dan Visconti – Drums
Cristiano Bertocchi – Bass

Genre: We are all lovers of epic melodies, Tolkien, fantasy novels and everything else about ancient history and mythology; we couldn’t choose a more appropriate genre of music 🙂

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Our first album was a concept based on a story written by us, set in the imaginary world of Lothadruin and inspired by Tolkien’s novels (full details here).

The next one will be based on deeper themes like journey, glory, freedom, ambitions and feelings, all embodied in epic characters.

Wind Rose’s music lets our minds imagine scenarios and settings that we use as the basics of writing lyrics.

Ideas about the album: About three years have already passed since we wrote our debut album, so it’s not hard to understand that the experiences we had and the people we met in these years have been relevant for us.

We are not very satisfied of our latest product: it was a great album for those who like to sit down and listen to an accurate musical composition, but it could sound a little boring for those who wants to headbang to metal music 🙂

We are sure people will be more and more enthusiastic of our next album, which will be more aggressive and powerful!

Reception: Shadows Over Lothadruin made a relevant amount of buzz all around the world, more than we expected: some said it was the best debut album of the year, some put it into the top 100 metal charts and some directly congratulated with us on our web channels.

Very little was the number of reviewers who didn’t understand the sense of our music.

Preference; live or studio: Surely, on the road.

New places, new people, new venues, new smiles, new feelings… THE BEST THING EVER 🙂

Next step; live or studio: As I said before we are going to record our second album in two months and we are starting to book the first gigs of our next tour, but unfortunately everything is still top secret at the moment 🙂

Future plans: The best thing of being in a metal band is that you know nothing about your future: you can meet someone relevant, you can have a stroke of luck and your plans can be changed in a while 🙂

We obviously hope in a glorious one and we think we are on the right way, if there’s one…

Inspirations: In the beginning we were so inspired by Symphony X’s music and Blind Guardian’s lyrics, now we are in the difficult search for an our personal style, signed by Wind Rose only.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: The ambition is to live our lives with music, so the most important thing is to find a right intersection of the two things; personally I think the audience is more important than how much you like what you are composing, because without audiences we only are (and we will be) 5 musicians without expectations.

Greatest Accomplishment: Also if it’s not so much, we consider our tour as direct supporters to Wintersun our greatest goal of our past!

Anything else? We would like to thank Lady Obscure for the support and for believing in our music 🙂

See you!

Claudio – Wind rose

Want more of Wind Rose? Visit their Official Website, Facebook and YouTube!

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