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Reactory – High On Radiation

Thrash Attack

‘High On Radiation’ is the debut full-length album by promising young thrash metal act Reactory.

Influences include the two major schools of raw thrash metal : the german one with bands like Sodom, Kreator, Living Death or Tankard, and the US one (Bay Area and New York) with bands like Nuclear Assault, Slayer and Dark Angel.

The music presents with fast-paced pounding drums, galloping guitars (the famous tremolo picking), swirling and mesmerizing guitar solos, and shouting vocals.

Vocals are very convincing, combining the rage of Tom Araya (Slayer), the rush of Tom Angelripper (Sodom), the disgust of Kurt Bachman (Believer) and the passion of Andreas “Gerre” Geremia (Tankard). At times they take more evil pathways (Kingdom Of Sin, Orbit Of Theia with its Cradle of Filth-like ending, Blasphemous Attitude).

Winks to Slayer’s riffing can be heard in the bridge of ABC Warfare (Angel of Death comes to mind), and in the bridge of Orbit Of Theia. Besides, incantatory voices as coming from Beyond in Orbit Of Theia, suggest once again Slayer (the overture to Hell Awaits).

Overall, this album sounds like Slayer at the time of their tribute to the punk bands that influenced them, ‘Undisputed Attitude’. This is old-school thrash metal played without compromises, and that will make you bang your head, and have fun with your friends around some pints of beer.

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