Bio: We are Blackbird from Zweibrücken, Germany and we play Rock N Roll. Our début album is coming out on March 28th and is called “Of Heroes And Enemies”. Our Singer Angus Dersim has already recorded a solo album in 2011 named “It´s only Rock n Roll”. We are happy to be signed with a German label, PureRock Records.

The founder of the band is Angus Dersim, he recorded a solo album in 2011 and needed musicians to present it live. FritziDelli (former bass player; now drums) met with Angus at a Rock n Roll Concert and was the first one to join Angus´ project. Bora came in after several guitarists played with the group and he was the first one to stay a longer time until now. The fourth member, Daniel Keller, produced the album “of heroes and enemies” and joined the band as a new bass player and Fritzi switched to drums, as the former drummer had left. Everyone did or still does a lot of stuff beside Blackbird, Bora plays in a Rage against the machine cover band named Fistful of Rage and Daniel works in his “Shureshot Studios”.

Genre: I think you don´t choose a genre. We grew up listening to bands like AC/DC, Def Leppard, Mötley Crüe and Guns n Roses, even though it sounds strange, because we are in our early twenties. You just hear Hells Bells or Paradise City once and you can´t go back, Rock n Roll is your live and the next step is natural, after listening to this music you have to make it yourself.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: We just play what we love playing. We´re not this kind of band that changes musical directions just to change all the time. We want to have fun and play the kind of music that brings us the most fun, and if people also like it, it´s a win-win. The thematic elements evolve from our lives, every song is based on a story that happened to one of us or altogether.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Basically the ideas for lyrics come straight out of our lives. Every song is based on a story we experienced on tour or in any situation. That’s why the content mostly is fun, Rock n Roll, partying and women. If someone is looking for politics or any bigger messages you have to look somewhere else.

Ideas about the album: Yeah, we are very happy, because on year of work has gone into that album. The songs are great; everyone has earned its spot on the album. We had a great time recording and I think you can hear that. You can always improve, we want to write great songs for the second album, have a better production and so on. A new album should always be a progression to the one before.

Reception: It´s been great so far, we released a first single (Fire Your Guns) which people liked a lot, the second single will drop with the album in the end of march. People are surprised what we did because we did everything on our own. We organized the recording equipment and now that Daniel is a band member, we can say that we even produced ourselves. It´s very hard to record a long player on your own and I think, people can dig that and support us! A huge thank you to the people, who helped us making this happen and also to the people, who support us now!

Preference; live or studio: Of course on the road, you meet a lot of great people and get to connect with your fans. This is what it´s all about:  music is made for playing, so we want to get out there and just play and have a good time with the audience, it´s one big party. Still studio work is also fun, because you can try a lot of things and be creative. When you’re done at the end of the process and you hold the final cd in your hands, it´s one of the best feelings ever.

Next step; live or studio: Yeah, we will play some shows in 2014 all over Germany and Switzerland. In December we record a live album in Berlin which will be released in 2015. And we also hope to play more countries in 2015, but we will see…

Future plans: It´s not helpful to look to far into the future, because a lot of things can happen. We always look ahead one or two years. So far everything is looking good, we go out and play and see, how our new album is received by the people. So far it´s gone good so we just go on and have fun.

Composers: The music mostly is written by Angus Dersim. He has the ideas for riffs or themes. After he brought those ideas in we finish the song together. The lyrics are written by Fritzi Delli.

Inspirations: I think it´s pretty obvious: our musical idols are AC/DC, Airbourne, Rose tattoo, Rhino Bucket and so on. Also the Backyard Babies have a huge influence on us.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: In my mind on thing comes with the other. If you just try to write popular songs for a big audience but you don´t like what you´re doing, it´s going to fail. First of all you have to write music for yourself and love the songs, you write to put heart into it. People will recognize this and connect with your music, because they know, it´s true.

Greatest Accomplishment: We supported some of our heroes, for example the mighty Rhino Bucket from Los Angeles. Another great accomplishment is our first gig in a foreign country this summer. But for sure the biggest one is to have recorded our début album completely on our own. We are very proud of that!

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