Twisted Into Form – Instinct Solitaire


I have something for fellow Spiral Architect fans over the weekend!

Twisted Into Form joins some members of Spiral Architect and Extol, and for as well known as Spiral Architect became it’s somewhat surprising how little known this album is.  I personally think it might even surpass Spiral Architect, although they’re really both just excellent technical metal albums so why bother figuring it out?. Considering they’re both one off bands, I’ll just take any new album I can get from either one!  …but for Spiral Architect fans I cannot emphasize enough to check out Then Comes Affliction to Awaken the Dreamer  as a fill in for a follow up album!  It’s tech and showcases a really great, aggressive, soundscape.

I chose Instinct Solitaire for a mix of quality and being a good representation of the band.  Choosing some others might misconstrue them since the do blend other elements into many songs. The song really flows well for all of the ridiculous pieces being put together, a tough accomplishment if you ask me. Fairly short, yes, but it absolutely demands your attention.

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