New MaterDea Single

Italian Folk/Pagan Metal Band MaterDea will released their new album called “A Rose For Egeria” via Midsummer’s Eve on 1 May 2014.First single off new album, “Beyond the Painting” is now available for streaming on SoundCloud.The third album of the Italian band is marked out by a new musical expression and a more powerful sound rich of technical refinements although maintaining the flourished melodies for which MaterDea’s audience is used to be known. The album has been mixed by Marco Strega at Domus de Janas Studio and mastered at Finnvox Studios by Mika Jussila.

Simon Papa – Voice
Marco Strega – Guitars & Vocals
Elena Crolle – Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Elisabetta Bosio – Fiddle, Viola and Double Bass
Morgan De Virgilis – Bass
Cosimo De Nola – Drums

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