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Vanden Plas – Phoenix / Holes in the Sky

Hey folks!

Today, I have a band whose name often comes just after prog-metal in the scene…

Although they’re known quite well by the prog-heads, I still consider these German progressive metal veterans underrated…

What makes this band particularly awesome is the lead singer Andy Kuntz, whose side project Abydos was mentioned in these pages by my music fiend author yorost – you can find it here. Andy’s voice is just beautiful.

I originally chose a song from their fourth studio album Beyond Daylight, Phoenix. The song starts off with awesome piano chords and closely followed by the impressive and sudden drums and guitars… the harmony between the lead and the back vocals is something to hear… Seriously the layering of these vocals is so well executed. With the excellent musicianship, brilliant guitar work and melodies, this song have been giving me the chills for years now… Something about this song touches your very soul…  Nothing is crying for attention, on the contrary this song’s brilliance is coming from its subtlety and modesty while having the virtuoso instrumentation backing them up in an understated way. Powerful song!

However, the song is not available on any of the official channels for share so I urge you to go buy the album or the song (there are many single song purchase services such as this).

Instead, here’s another awesome Vanden Plas song.

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