Bio: The band is called “Kanoi” and it’s a one-man project. It all started when I moved to Vienna in 2010 and built my “home-studio” there (which is basically just a computer that runs Cubase and an external soundcard). I’ve been writing songs since 2005 and before “Kanoi” I was in a band with a friend of mine, Daniele Bovio, who also wrote songs. We called ourselves “Guided By Confusion” and gigged twice but then moved to different cities and he started his own musical project called “Diamond Incarnation” and I started releasing my music as “Kanoi”.

Genre: To be honest I’m not really sure what the “genre” of my music is. My first two releases where just songs on acoustic guitar and various but I also recorded an ambient album, an album where I tried to mix ambient soundscapes and acoustic guitars, an album that’s more in the Space Rock vein, and a completely improvised album that was a kind of collaboration with musicians from a band called “KRPL”. I’m sometimes listed as a “Krautrock” project and a blog recently described my music as a mixture between Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd so I’d say that I play and record some kind of heavy Space Rock but it changes from release to release.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: I always try not to repeat myself. That’s why I think that my musical style has evolved quite a bit. I try not to limit myself when it comes to musical genres or styles. I’m a fan of music in general and I love a lot of different musical genres and try to combine my tastes into my music to keep it fresh and interesting for myself.

Ideas about the album: I’m quite happy with it, yes, but I’m also trying to improve the overall “sound” (as in “production”) of my music as I think it could be a little bit better or “more professional”. I taught myself how to work with Cubase and because of that I’m probably making a ton of mistakes when it comes to producing music that every “professional” producer could point out after listening to a few seconds of my songs but right now it works for me and I’m always trying to learn new things.

Reception: Quite positive, especially at the end of the last year/the start of this year, as I played my first live gig and released it as a “live-bootleg” and both were greeted with a very warm welcome.

Also at the end of 2013, I signed with a German record label that does high quality and limited Vinyl-releases called “Clostridium Records” and there’ll be a vinyl release of my music at the end of May.

Next step; live or studio: That’s another thing I’d like to improve – playing live. The first gig was so well received that I’d really love to do it again but unfortunately it’s really hard to find the time for it as I’m working a 40 hour job “in the real world” which leaves me with little to no time left for rehearsals.

Also, as I pointed out at the question above, there’ll be a vinyl-release at the end of May called “From The City To The Stars” on German label “Clostridium Records” – more infos about it over here or on my Facebook page.

Future plans: Hopefully a never-ending stream of music and one or two live concerts.

Lyrics, themes and concepts: I work as a book seller and love books and all kind of literature and quite a few of my songs were inspired by books/novels.

Composers: I’m writing and composing everything and also produce the music and design the artwork.

Inspirations:The main inspiration for me is of course Pink Floyd as David Gilmour was my main “guitar-hero” when I started playing the guitar and I think Roger Waters is a genius when it comes to lyrics.

Then there’s Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree. He inspires me because he also started as a one-man-project and I also like about him that he never limits himself to a specific musical genre.

I guess that those two are my main influences but there are of course tons of other bands I really like, the most obvious being Black Sabbath, The Beatles, early Verve (mostly because of Nick McCabes guitar playing), Progressive Rock in general (bands like King Crimson, Yes, Genesis, Camel) Krautrock / German electronic music from the seventies (bands like Can, As Ra Tempel, Tangerine Dream or Popol Vuh), various ambient bands and projects (my favourite being Stars Of The Lid) but also folk artists like Nick Drake or Espers.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake: Definitely music! I think that as soon as you start thinking about what your audience might want to hear you lose that initial spark of inspiration and your music becomes stale.

Greatest Accomplishment: I don’t consider it a “career”, more like a kind of hobby I really love. The greatest accomplishment? Hearing my music on vinyl! Nothing tops that!

Want more of Kanoi? Visit their Facebook, Bandcamp, Tumblr or Clostridium Records pages!

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