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BIO: Joseph Michael, vocalist/composer for dark melodic  heavy metal band Midnight Silhouette (featuring Ex White Guitarist Jake Dreyer and Circle 2 Circle Drummer Adam Sagan) was originally born Joseph Michael Furney from Utica Ny, Joseph Michael is a Los Angeles based vocalist songwriter/composer, multi-Instrumentalist. Versed in many styles and various instruments. JM has established himself as an eclectic and prolific musician and writer.

Also known for his work in the bands Midnight Reign, White Wizzard (Lead Vocalist) and his work for Vixens Vol. 1; writing, performing, producing and providing backround vocals on the album. The song LMFAO featuring vocalist Dez Cleo was used in the soundtrack for Fright Night 2. (2013)  Joseph is also known for his notable relation to Ronnie James Dio and Agnes Moorhead (Bewitched). Joseph Michael was awarded Metal Song of the Year at the 2007 Los Angeles Music Awards for “The Hollywood Rx”

Joseph Michael has also written and or played with the Peppermint Creeps, White Wizzard, Zachary Throne, Hayley Dees, Michael Dees, David Chamberlin (Entrzelle, Starmachines), Skronky Kong, and Omery Rising.

The Band: The New band is made up of myself and Jake Dreyer (another ex-white wizzard bandmate) on guitar and Circle 2 Circle Drummer Adam Sagan. Jake and Adam have worked together previously on Jake’s first solo instrumental ep.

Genre: I’d say it’s a modern take on Dark Theatrical Metal with some traditional elements… King Diamond and Nevermore come to mind… maybe Dream Theater and Pink Floyd as well in some spots.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements: After we got back from Europe Jake and I sat in a room and just wrote.. it had been a long time since I had great musical chemistry with a guitar player… We had the basis of 3 songs written in one day.

Ideas about the album: I am completely blown away with the material that we came up with… There are no weak points… No hair pulling in the writing process…  It was that natural.

Reception: The record isn’t out yet but there is some anticipation being built up amongst fans of our previous endeavours.

Next step; live or studio:

We go into the studio this July to track with Ralph Patlan (Megadeth,UFO) and we still are checking out bassists, but yeah there are some tour plans in the works. We are working with Kristian Wahlin on the artwork and logo for the album. He is the man responsible for the King Diamond – Voodoo cover art, he has an impressive resume.  We will be announcing the name of the band as soon as that logo is finished.

Future: Very Bright… and very dark…lol

Lyrics, themes and concepts: Jake has this really creepy painting in his apartment in Hollywood it served as the album cover for the EP that Adam and Him worked on. I was just picturing the vibe and mood in the painting and started coming up with a story in my head around it.

Preference; live or studio: The studio for me… That’s number one. Creating something that doesn’t exist. Don’t get me wrong live shows and visiting new countries is fun and fulfilling but the creative work is already done by then.

Composers: Jake and I collaborated on it. The lyrics are 99% mine but he had some thematic input. He wrote all the guitar parts but I being a composer and instrumentalist as well would suggest chords or voice leading to fit certain melodies and vice versa… Jake and I approach music from an angle that from what I have experienced 99% of “rock” musicians don’t.

Inspirations:Dream Theater, Mozart, Bartok, King Diamond, Nevermore, Savatage, Marty Friedman, Adam probably has others that I’m not aware of…

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake:  I write for myself… but you are all welcome to come along for the ride.

Greatest Accomplishment: That I haven’t murdered any of my colleagues… haha

Anything else? The Debut record is gonna take some people by surprise… see ya on the road.

Want to read more about them? Visit Joseph Michael Official page and HRX Records!

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