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Actually band members for the live band have not been announced just yet. On the CD I played all the instruments & sang the lead vocals with some special guests & a few different drummers. I have been lucky & fortunate enough to get some amazing guests. Dave “Snake” Sabo from Skid Row took a ripping solo on 1 track. Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal from Guns & Roses took an amazing solo on another track. Tony Harnell from TNT traded off vocals with me on the next single I’ll release. Bobby Rondinelli who has played drums with so many legendary bands like Rainbow & Black Sabbath, Played on 4 tracks. So there is some serious talent I’ve had the pleasure of working with.


Ha I think this genre choose Me! LOL. It’s a theatrical, dark shock rock type vibe. With mixed elements of Electronic, Metal, Middle Eastern flavors & Hard Rock anthems. Mixed with a modern production & rolled up in a very nice fuck you attitude.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements:

It all started from the Title “Mick James Is Dead”. It kind of started as a joke blurted out by a friend of mine. Next thing I knew I was writing song titles, lyrics & above all a story. Now the CD is a soundtrack to a movie in development. All the songs tell the story one by one. With dialogue pieces from the script in between the songs. It’s very unique from what’s out there.

Ideas about the album:

It was my 1st time being a lead singer & playing guitar solos, or really even guitar in general on an actual CD. I was originally a bass player & dabbled in some keyboards. I played all the instruments on all the songs I did for Criss Angel from 2003 to present, including the MindFreak theme. All the 11 songs that appeared on the Season 1 & 2 Mindfreak soundtrack on Kotch Records & all 6 seasons. But this was more marketable songs & less of background soundtrack. So there was a learning curve, especially with singing. I’ve had so many compliments on my voice & guitar playing for being out of the ordinary. So yes! I’m extremely happy with the outcome & songs in general are exactly what I was shooting for. But Im definitely a work in progress from all this to recording & producing as well. So it can all be improved on & I look forward to the next CD. It will be that much better…


Amazing! I’m really excited fans are digging it & can’t wait to take it to the stage & theaters…

Live shows:

Most definitely, THe CD “Mick James Is Dead” is officially out in 160 countries. I’m looking to start touring in September 2014. It will be a theatrical stage show acting out the story in song & film. It will start in the states but go internationally as well. I’m looking forward to performing & meeting all the amazing fans all over the world.

Future plans:

The future is with endless possibilities & looking so bright I gotta wear shades LOL. I’m so excited to get the movie in progress. I never wanted to act before this, but now it’s a platform I can’t live without. Although this project has yet to even begin, I already have another movie written & songs to go with it. So I see a string of movie, stage, & CD’s happening. I also plan to continue writing, producing & placing songs in all media. Like Movies, TV, & for major artists…

Lyrics, themes and concepts:

As I said all lyrics were inspired by the title “Mick James Is Dead” The theme I can’t really give away fully just yet. But it’s a dark fantasy, thriller, musical. It flipped half way through the writing process. The 1st 5 songs were what the script was based on. But as it went on & the script was getting developed. I had to write the lyrics & songs to fit the scenes. So it was an interesting process. I write songs for a living so I welcomed it. It was exciting every time I finished a song & knew I was on to something.

Preference; live or studio:

Haha, a loaded question. I love the studio, the happy accidents, the creation process can be amazing. The ability to really develop a thought. I do crazy 12 & 16 hour days sometimes. If that’s what it takes I do it & find it all inspiring. But there is nothing like getting feedback from a live crowd. When people know the words & sing them back to you it’s like a high drugs can’t create. The adrenaline from a charged audience is beyond anything I have ever experienced. Something I hope to do till I really do croak!


This is a solo project so I have been doing it all. But I do collaborate from time to time. There is a song call “Crash” that was done with a writer/producer friend of mine Dave Whittaker. I’ve learned so much from working with him. He will be involved in some songs on my next project as well.


My love & taste in music is so vast there is definitely not any one inspiration. I don’t think anyone band could be named. More like songs, great writers & the classic rock & pop from the past. I think the Beatles are still the best songwriters ever. But so many artists have fueled my songwriting. Alice Cooper is the king & the innovator of this genre I’m presenting. So it’s a vast combination of styles that spark me…

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake:

Anytime you cater to an audience it’s an epic failure. A genre yes, that’s different. You have to know who your target audience is. But trying to please people compromises the intention. It becomes a watered down version & that usually sucks. Music for me is a life style & attitude. I’m ecstatic people like what I do, but couldn’t give a fuck if some don’t. You have to expect that. You can’t go to a dance club, have the DJ crank up your heavy rock song & expect people to keep dancing. Or crank a country song at a Goth club, unless you want shit thrown at you. So I believe in being yourself, some will hate it but you will find the real fans that love it.

Greatest Accomplishment:

I have had some great experiences touring in 5 different countries. Writing the MindFreak theme song was epic, a mark in history. Seeing my music used in some of the most notable illusions Criss has done & in his Vegas show is really amazing. But doing this CD & the whole concept for it was such an accomplishment. I’m ready for the crazy ride to perform it live, get it in theaters & get it out there internationally

Anything else?

I would like my fans to know I love & appreciate them more than words can say. The need for them to promote me & spread the word I’m out here. It cannot be measured in anything other than LOVE! You can’t pay for the type of enthusiasm & cannot create the excitement they have shown. I’m forever thankful for the tattoos & wearing my swag proudly. It’s a feeling in all my years of making & performing music. I have never felt before, so THANK YOU ALL!

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