Ivanhoe – Lifeline

Another successful prog-metal band from Germany. Andy B Franck used to be the frontman of this band… whom I love with all my heart… so one (at least I) could expect that the band’s successful days would be long gone… but no… Lifeline, the studio album Ivanhoe released after Franck’s departure is so damn good…

All the songs are catchy as hell, nothing short of mind-blowing. The great musicianship is coming through throughout… I can’t praise  Mischa’s voice enough! He sings with such passion, energy and emotion that it infects you with Mischa fandom right away.

I loved his live work with Dreamscape, too. I consider his joining Ivanhoe  a hell of a move. He was involved in the creative process of this album, too especially with the lyrics…

It is really hard for me to pick songs from this album as I love each and every one of them!

Oh by the way, they are releasing a new album in 2012. I will let you know when they announce the title and the release date!!!

Enjoy the songs!

Micha Mang            Vocals
Chuck Schuler        Guitars
Giovanni Soulas     Bass
Richie Seibel            Keys
Matthias Biehl         Drums

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