Equisa is a dutch band making powerful metal songs with a progressive edge, female vocals and lots of ambient depth. Their debut album Strange Release was conceived in October 2013 and the follow up is being worked on.


Lead singer Petra Honing had been working with keyboard player George van Olffen since 2004. Guitarist Sebas Honing had been working with bass player Joost Maglev since 2006. Sebas and Joost Joined the band Galanor in 2007 where Petra got added to the line-up in 2008. After splitting with Galanor Sebas and Petra started working with George. When Galanor quit Joost was added to the line-up and drummer Johan van den Berg was found in 2011. That’s when the name Equisa was born.

After recording an EP Johan got replaced by Raymond Otterspeer and Equisa split with George. Since then Equisa’s second life started and the band evolved into the sound it now carries.


We don’t really ‘choose’ a genre, we just make music that suits us. For most part it’s a strange balance between gorgeous harmonies and soundscapes versus brutal metal riffs. That’s why most of the time we get associated with symphonic and progressive metal.

Ideas about the album:

Our album is something we totally did ourselves. No labels involved, no external producers, engineers or whatever, just an artwork guy and a CD pressing company. To receive such compliments on this album when we did all with this minimum budget and purely our own skill is very rewarding.

There are no real improvements as such a recording is simply a moment in time and our production had a high level already. Our next album will naturally be the next step in our evolution, but to call it an improvement is somewhat demeaning towards this album. It will be different though!


Extremely positive and we were absolutely blown away by that! Of course there are millions of other bands around there so to be praised like that means a lot to us!


Petra’s pregnancy is currently halting all touring plans but the next album is already being worked upon. In 2015 we will hit the stages again!

Future plans:

Future looks bright! Haha! We really don’t plan ahead as much and go along to see if we’d like to take things up a notch or not. Only time will tell how big we will and would like to be. At least there is nothing or no one stopping us in doing what we want.

Lyrics, themes and concepts:

Petra usually writes lyrics about things that happen or happened to her or around her. Although they might carry a lot of emotional baggage they’re always written in such an open way everyone could relate to them. It’s also written in such a way people could interpret them in various ways.

Preference; live or studio:

The majority of the band likes recording and songwriting more than performing, but we definitely love to give people a show that’s worth what they paid for! All our years of on-stage experience also helps with our live-energy

Composers, lyricists:

On the first album most of the songs were written by Sebas with lyrics from Petra, with the occasional exceptions here and there. For the new album we’re trying to see if we can shake things up on especially the songwriting part. Lyrics will still be mainly by Petra.


Some of our biggest influences are Devin Townsend, Anneke van Giersbergen, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Ayreon, Yes and Genesis to name a few.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake:

Definitely music for its own sake. If a song suits yourselves chances are the audience will like it too. If you make music that doesn’t fit yourself you’ll attract the wrong fan-base. By staying true to ourselves we stay true to our fans and even the other way around.

Greatest Accomplishment:

Making the Strange Release album! That was truly a milestone and we’re really looking forward in doing it again!

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