Eluveitie – Slanias Song

Eluveitie – Slanias Song




Wed, 25 Apr 2012 17:22:17 +0000


Some bands sing in a widely known language like English to expand their potential fan base.  Some bands sing in their native languages and probably get ignored by too many international fans for it.

Some bands sing in dead languages and put all but a few scholars on the same footing.  I like this rare camp, there’s something naturally endearing about singing in a language that few potential fans will even recognize, a language that ties in closely to the musical elements embraced by the band.  Eluveitie, a Swiss folk metal band, does sing in English, but they often sing in Gaulish as part of making Helvetian elements a vital part of their music.

Slanias Song is one of their Gaulish songs, a song about the love of homeland.   What really makes this song so great is the culmination in the final minute, just glorious!  Fair warning, the female lead vocals are not the norm on the album Slania, but the unison vocals of a female clean and male harsh do wonders for the song.  It’s an amazing sound that makes me wonder just how much I’ve heard bands take this tract.


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