Jeff – Bloodstrike started shortly after I filled in on bass for Holly’s last band. This gave me the itch to play music again since I haven’t played in a band for about 5 years due to my recording studio taking much of my time. I asked Holly right away if she wanted to play some old school death metal and she was excited. We’ve known each other from the Denver metal scene and have had a mutual respect for each other. I’ve done some recording for her past bands and she even called me once back in the day to ask if I wanted to join her band but I was tied up with studio work. So it is cool that we finally made this happen. The first person we talked about for the band was Joe, we’ve known him since his days in Clusterfux, and knew he was a big death metal fan. He agreed right away with no hesitation. We started at it right away, writing some riffs etc. while we were searching for a drummer and bass player. We had a few friends come in and play drums but nothing clicked (our friend Rudy was working out but he ended up moving out of state). I found Ryan by answering his add on Craigslist. He was looking for drum students when I asked if he had any students interested. He said they are all novices but he was interested in checking it out. Turns out he has been wanting to start up his own old school death metal band so it worked out quite well. He is a beast on drums. The bass player took the longest. I think we had 5 bass players come out but again nothing felt right. It took me a while before I remembered Rhia. I’ve known Rhia since my days in Silencer. She’s good friends with Keith from Silencer so she would always be at our shows and hanging out. She’s a very cool metal chick. I approached her and told her what we were doing, played her a few riffs and right away she was down.


Jeff – we chose this genre because of our passion for the old school. We do like a lot of new bands out these days but for us it’s just not the same as the good ol’ old school. The simplicity of the music is something we really enjoy. It doesn’t mean that it’s easy or dumbed down. It has a power and heaviness that a lot of fast stuff lacks.

Evolution of the initial musical and thematic elements:

Jeff – We knew right away all we wanted to play is old school Swedish style death metal, and there has been an outstanding blueprint for this style around for years. We are just playing our interpretation of this genre. It was as simple as ‘does this riff sound death metal enough’. But it was pretty easy to be in that groove from the start.

Ideas about the album:

Jeff – We are very happy with what we’ve done thus far. I think we’ve nailed the feeling, the heaviness, the old school feel. We could improve on our songwriting, mostly song structure. We are working on this as we speak. We have a few more songs to write for the new album and are working to improve our songwriting. We could also improve on our guitar tone. It’s not as easy as plugging in a Boss HM-2 and turning everything up to 11. We did a good job with our buzz saw tone but will be working to improve it for the new album and our live shows.


Jeff – Great! we’ve received great reviews from all over the world (a big thanks to The Metal Detector Music Promotions) in just a short amount of time. We’ve had people come up to us after shows literally thanking us for playing the style we do and that we do it well.

Next step; live or studio:

Jeff – We would like to get more involved performing live but want to wait and focus more on the album. We do have a few local shows booked but will be spending most of our time on the upcoming album. After the album is out we will be looking into a tour. And yes we’d really like to tour internationally.

Future plans:

Jeff – The future looks great. We’re hungry, stoked and focused on Bloodstrike. We will continue to write and release material. We hope to get on a tour and take this as far as possible.

Lyrics, themes and concepts:

Jeff – Holly’s lyrical ideas come from horror movies, real life crime, serial killers, necromancy, and most important our hatred for the ignorance and stupidity of mankind. We feel it’s important to embrace how our society can be so blinded by lies and fairy tales.

Preference; live or studio:

Jeff – It used to be the studio for sure, I just enjoy the process and how everything fits together. It also brings out the best in my ability. But now that I run my own studio I really look forward to the road. Fun crazy stuff happens on the road. You really depend on each other and get to meet metal heads from all around. It really does make the band a stronger unit, if things go south on tour you can’t just pack up and go home, you have to fight through it.


Jeff – It’s a band collaboration. Joe, Ryan and myself do all of the writing. We’ll either come up with a complete or close to complete song and present it to the band, or we’ll each have some riffs that go together well and write that way. Holly does 90% of the lyrics. We’ll give her suggestions on where she should sing and where she shouldn’t. And Rhia is very good at song arrangements so we’ll do that as a band.


Jeff – For me it’s bands like Grave and Entombed. These guys are still at it and still releasing quality death metal. They haven’t strayed far from their roots. I like that.

Preference; cater to the audience or music for its own sake:

Jeff – Music for sure. You just end up following trends if you do it for an audience. We’ll be sticking to our guns as far as the style of music we play so I guess in a way that is catering to an audience. The audience of old school death metal.

Greatest Accomplishment:

Jeff – As Bloodstrike it’s the release of our demo. It’s not always easy putting a band together and getting everyone on the same page. So it feels good that we’re off to such a killer start. We will for sure top that with the release of our full length. Then the sky is the limit.

Anything else?

Jeff – Just keep an eye on Bloodstrike. We’re hungry and positioning ourselves for some great things in the near future.

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