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Noveria – Risen

Risen from Noveria is the debut album from this progressive metal powerhouse that features two members of fellow Italian proggers DGM (keyboard wizard Emanuele Casali and bassist Andrea Arcangeli) and is rounded out by vocalist Frank Corigliano, Francesco Mattei (former member of Baton Rogue Morgue) on guitars, and Omar Campitelli on drums. Risen was recorded at VDM Studios in Rome, Italy and mixed/mastered by renowned producer and musician Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios) at Domination Studios in San Marino, Italy. Right away the inclusion of Mr. Mularoni on this album made me immediately sit up and take notice. Simone also performs a guest guitar solo on the track Fallen From Grace.

The music on Risen can best be described as a combination of the heavier side of recent Symphony X combined with the proggy, keyboard-heavy, melodic sensibilities of DGM. After the short instrumental intro track The New Age, the album begins with the title track, going for the jugular right away with heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums with lead vocalist Corigliano’s unique and powerful voice providing the melodic hooks. The first “single” Downfall is an energetic and fast paced slab of metal with aggression and power. The guitar solo shows that Mattei is no slouch on the six-string, churning out a shredding axe attack. The albums frenetic pace continues on the fast and furious headbanger Paralysis. The soaring vocal harmonies throughout the song are stellar, showing off Corigliano’s impressive range. The Symphony X influence ( Paradise Lost/Iconoclast era) reveals itself on Ashes, a song that features machine gun double bass drumming, churning guitar riffs and string bending harmonics, and keyboard player Casali is given a chance to show off his considerable chops.

Fear starts off with some thrashing blast beat drum work with symphonic keys and chugging heavy guitar rhythms. Guitarist Mattei and keyboardist Casali trade off lead runs with amazing technical precision. The pace slows down, but only slightly on the mid-tempo Fall From Grace, a dark and brooding slab of metal with Corigliano’s impassioned vocals with the addition of guttural growling vocals for emphasis, while producer Mularoni and Mattei trade off arpeggios and shredding guitar leads. This song has it all for lovers of melodic prog metal.

Through the Abyss is another powerful chugging prog metal tour de force with shredding guitar work, strong, soaring vocals, and keyboard wizardry held together with the powerhouse rhythm section of Campitelli and Arcangeli. The albums final act, the anthemic Waste, is another song that shows off each band memebers mastery over their instrument while creating a memorable song with a catchy vocal hook and chorus and a fine way to end the album. Noveria have created a fine debut album that will impress fans of DGM, Symphony X, and prog metal in general.

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