Queen – Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

As the my great friend and fellow author yorost have already mentioned here, it’s been a crazy week. I am still working on new reviews and got plenty interviews scheduled for the near future… So, begging your  forgiveness, I am going to use a (well deserved) lazing-on-a-Sunday-afternoon card… hence that awesome song…

When the subject is Queen’s  awesome album ‘ A Night At the Opera” one song will not be enough though… The first tracks are absolutely impeccable… So I’m sharing the other two as well!

You know I’m trying to live up to my name and writing about some obscure bands most of the time… but your Lady Obscure also has to pay tribute to some lesser Gods, as they have been shaping her taste and building her passion for music eventually paving the road to this webzine!

Wish you all a great week!

Lazy Obscure.. LOL…

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