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Red Circuit – Haze of Nemesis

It’s been 5 long years since we last heard from Germany’s power/prog metal act Red Circuit. But in that time, the band and lead vocalist Chity Somapala have been busy gigging around the world and Somapala has released several albums including Civilization One, Power Quest, and his very own solo album. Seeing as how the album was released in October of 2014, I’m a little late getting to this one, but I’ll make up for that by making it my first review of 2015!

The first single Oceans Apart has a symphonic intro and kicks into power metal anthem with a great groove and a ton of melody. Chity is in fine voice as always, using a little more gritty nuances to his approach than his usual output and it fits the material perfectly. My Lonely Heaven is a mid-tempo headbanger with symphonic elements that provide the melody during the verses and when the song reaches the chorus the uplifting and soaring harmonies during the chorus bring the song to another level.

There is a symphonic and cinematic thanks to the keyboard wizardry of Markus Teske on the next track Believing A Lie, which has a chugging guitar rhythm and a great melodic chorus.

Next up is a cover of the Peter Gabriel classic Diggin’ In The Dirt. Red Circuit manage to keep the original spirit of the song while making the song their own (some album reviewers actually believing this is an original Red Circuit song) by adding heavy chugging rhythm guitars and Chity’s vocals add a whole new level of darkness to the already creepy lyrics.

My World Collides is a departure from the usual heavy power/prog that Red Circuit is known for featuring world renown vocalist Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia) performing a heartwarming symphonic piano ballad duet with Somapala. Somerville and Somapala’s voices blend together flawlessly, to create a beautiful and emotional moment.

The heavy guitar of Spear of Hate permeates this mid-tempo metal monster. As usual, Chity’s voice is warm and inviting adding the emotion and melody to keep the song from going into the dark abyss. Drummer Michael Stein and bass player Tommy Schmitt keep the driving rhythm section locked in on Serpent’s Smile and guitarist Chris Moser gets the spotlight with some tasty lead work.

The pace quickens on Silent Roaring, which is a more straight forward aggressive power metal rocker. The title track has a Middle-Eastern vibe to it thanks to Teske’s keyboard melody. The albums longest song My Serendade, clocking in at just under 10 minutes, is also the band at it’s most progressive, adding elements of symphonic, prog, and power metal to weave a tapestry of complexity, heaviness, melody, and fury that is spellbinding for the listener. The bonus track is another unique cover, this time covering the bluesy ballad Soldier of Fortune from the legendary Deep Purple ( David Coverdale era). The cover is a faithful rendition with Chity doing a masterful job on lead vocals.

In all Haze of Nemesis is an album that satisfies on every level and a worthy follow up to the bands last album Homeland. I would also HIGHLY recommend purchasing the CD version of Haze of Nemesis for the dvd of their U.S. debut at ProgPower USA in 2011. The band puts on an amazing enegetic show and Chity is the consummate frontman.

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