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In love with the AudioPlastik album!

Hey folks!I’ve been listening to the debut album of AudioPlastik (previously known as Brave New Sky and Alpha Flood) for the last few days and religiously at that!I should say, with the great taste in music you have, I highly recommend it to you! ­čÖé Short of long, I would have given it a 5 star review if I got the review that is but Progradar won the long and arduous wrestling match…
I am pretty sure he will give it a glowing review too!
Actually, Dec Burke (Darwin’s Radio, Frost* ) shared his material with me more than a year ago – and I will forever treasure his trust for it! – and I had the opportunity to hear some of the songs at their earlier stages. The song with which I instantly fell in love was “Tonight” and I am still dying for the song after a bazilion of spins! It does something to me for sure…
Anyways, I will leave the rest to my great author Martin and urge you to go and pre-order the album, like, nao…You can thank me later!
Lady Obscure

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