ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS reveal new album details

I am so looking forward to this release –> ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS– Altered States Of Consciousness! 
You know the twin Tipton brothers & Mike Guy of  Zero Hour, right? So yeah..  ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS is their band which they define as “A mathematical instrumental trio that fuses heavy riffs, intricate time signatures and shredding solos.”  Their new album features some fantastic guests-stars such as  Tommy Rogers (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME), Jeff Loomis (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE), Michael Manring, Tim Roth (INTO ETERNITY), and John Onder (Artension-MSG)
Seriously .. gimme!

After their critically acclaimed 2013 debut album “Manipulation Under Anesthesia” Bay Area progressive metal wizards ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS are now ready to show you again their creative magics with the new album “Altered States Of Consciousness”!

Following the path of bands’ debut, the Californians expand the framework of what progressive metal can be with their new album. The participation of well-known guests such as Tommy Rogers (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME), Jeff Loomis (ARCH ENEMY, NEVERMORE), Michael Manring, Tim Roth (INTO ETERNITY), and John Onder (Artension-MSG) confirms the special position ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS have among their peers and expresses the quality-conscious attitude, which underlies all band activities.

The description can be easy as: “ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS is a mathematical instrumental trio that fuses heavy riffs, intricate time signatures and shredding solos.” This is, how the band is explaining its challenging style of playing on Facebook. But listening to , you will not find many simple truths. The band from the Bay Area, California astonishes listeners with open-minded, forward-thinking musicality. It is a cliché, but having experienced the larger-than-life new album “Altered States Of Consciousness” you will confirm: for ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS the sky’s the limit!
Twin brothers Jasun (guitar) and Troy Tipton (bass) along with Mike Guy (drums) are the collective creative force behind ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS. Prior to forming this group in 2008, the trio was the backbone of prog-metal powerhouse ZERO HOUR.

“Altered States Of Consciousness” is set to be released on June 29 in Europe and a day later in North America. Be on the lookout for this album and do come back for our review when it’s out 🙂
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