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Anaria – Seasons of the Mind Volume 1: Inception

Anaria is a promising young band from New Hampshire. After forming in 2012 and going through a couple of line up changes, the band has gone on to share the stage with various national acts such as Sick Puppies, Flyleaf, Lacuna Coil, Amaranthe, Kobra and The Lotus, PolkaDot Cadaver, and more. Blending modern metal, classical arrangements and operatic vocal harmonies, Anaria is equally at home playing with a wide variety of genres, Anaria has the musicality to play with traditional metal bands but the wide appeal and sensibility to play with modern rock and pop acts.

The band is set to release its first full-length album Seasons of The Mind Volume 1: Inception on May 16th. Although the band is currently unsigned after several listens to the 8 songs on the album I can safely say that the band has a very promising future.

The album kicks off with the instrumental symphonic intro track Inception, which builds slowly with intensity adding a guitar melody over the orchestral elements. This leads to the Ignition that introduces the powerful vocals of Jessica Mercy, the songs verses have a modern hard rock style similar to bands like Evanescence or Flyleaf and then the galloping metal chorus has a Maiden-esque feel to it.

Intoxicate is a mid-tempo orchestral hard rock song that showcases the vocals of Jessica Mercy, who has a very charismatic style with amazing control, power, and emotion. The band gets to show off its heavier side on Aurora. Guitar duo Dan Spinney and Chad Niles lay down some impressive lead work and heavy riffs while drummer Zac Paquette and bassist Kevin Brady hold down the bottom end.

The bands first single/video Covet is an impressive song with lots of hooks, melody, and a heavy modern metal vibe. Mercy’s vocals have an ethereal quality and she unleashes her range and power with the control of a seasoned professional. This track is easily the best of the bunch and would sound right at home on today’s modern rock radio landscape.

The short ambient intro track Genesis Star leads into the albums final song Constellations, another terrific song where Jessica gets to shine on vocals. The guitars get turned up and drummer Paquette gets to show off his considerable chops while the chorus has a bouncy, poppy, and infectious hook that has huge crossover potential. After several listens the only slight critique I have is I wish the guitars were turned up a little more to make things a little heavier, but thats just my preference.

I usually don’t sing the praises of many local artists but Anaria is an extremely hard working band that plays a ton of New England area shows trying to build a following and I can safely say that with the right backing and promotion, Anaria will not be a local artist for much longer. Fans of Evanescence, Amaranthe, and Flyleaf will definitely want to check out this great band

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