Circus Maximus – Wither

Good news! Norwegian prog-metal band Circus Maximus announced the title of their new album at last – as you know, the fans have been impatiently waiting for a long while now (hi Ytse).

Their third studio album is to be called “Nine” and according to their announcement, the release date is 1st June 2012.

The thing is, these guys started off as the cover band of the prog-scene and thank god they decided to create original stuff preventing a great loss for the prog-heads. Not surprisingly, they rose and the tightness of their musicianship earned them a spot among prominent prog bands. They are very good at odd time signatures which is a defining point for me.

Also, Michael’s voice is a perfect match for what they do on top of it being beautiful and very powerful. He’s very good at high notes, has a good range and conveys a lot of emotion with his singing. Watch them live and you’ll see what I mean.

Speaking of live performances, Michael joined in with Kamelot during their headline performance at ProgPower USA XI in 2010. He performed “Center of the Universe” with them and I reckon Kamelot announcing Michael as their guest singer must have added to their renown.

Now, while waiting for the new album, I recommend checking out the first two studio albums, The 1st Chapter (2005) and Isolate (2007). Also, here is their official EPK for the new album!

Enjoy Wither from their second album, Isolate!


Lady O

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