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What I am up to!

What I am up to!



Fri, 04 May 2012 13:47:52 +0000


Hey folks!

With everything going so well for this zine, thanks to you, I thought I’d share some of what I have been doing and what I am up to at the moment. Consider this a report to stakeholders if you will, as each and every one of you have been instrumental in everything going so well!

So, let’s start with what I have been doing.

To begin with, there has been amazing reaction both from the fans and from the bands… A lot of bands, agents, managers and publishers are contacting me now for interviews and reviews…  There is great traffic on the zine and Facebook page and a good increase in the number of my followers on Twitter.

So, the zine is growing at an unbelievable speed… So much so that I am in the process of moving the site to another hosting with higher traffic allowance.

Oh, and yes, this means that there could be short interruptions from time to time in the next 3-4 days even though we are planning to move the whole thing seamlessly.

Now, for what I am up to.

Like I said, I have been meeting a lot of musicians and as you might have guessed by now that I’ve got quite a lot reviews and interviews scheduled for you.

At the moment I am in touch with a a number of bands and musicians (I will not name names so as not to spoil the surprises but suffice to say, very big names in the prog scene and in the music industry in general!) – I am reviewing their albums and putting together some interview questions… My fellow author yorost is in touch with another brilliant band preparing material for the zine in collaboration…

I also have quite a long list and quite a busy life ahead of me. Be assured that the zine will not stop publishing quality reviews and interviews anytime soon!

Right at this junction in time, let me thank you! These are all happening thanks to you my dear loyal readers…

I attracted quite an impressive attention and gained huge credibility thanks to your comments and the feedback I got from the musicians I worked with…

I’m grateful to you all for being with me on this journey…

Another thing is, judging by the traffic on my site, I know you’re there, but would love to know who you are as well… write to me, leave a comment, give a shout…

Let’s make it more fun for each and every one of us!

Cheers for now!

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