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All content on this site is copyrighted material.

If it is an original Lady Obscure material (videos, photos, articles, etc) I own the rights. You can repost any of these anywhere you like but you have to give credit to me (Lady Obscure) and provide a link to my site (

If someone other then Lady Obscure is mentioned as the author, it is theirs.  Again, you can most of the time repost this by crediting the original author and giving a link to either my  (  or their sites (if any) but it is a good idea to seek their permission first.

If the material is linked from Spotify or YouTube (or such sites) you have to follow the links and read their legal stuff. Music and videos linked from other sites are not my (Lady Obscure) original material and I certainly cannot speak on their original owners’ behalf let alone licensing you for their use.

As with everything, please exercise common sense – if you think something you are going to do may infringe on my rights or rights of others featured on my site but you are not sure, it probably does. In this case please refrain from whatever you are planning to do or contact me ( / the original owners of the material (as the case may be).

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