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Telergy – The Exodus

You know those songs which tell their stories only through music? Just like Rush’s Red Barchetta and Dream Theater’s In the Presence of Enemies Pt. 2. I bet you would understand what the tune is telling you even if the lyrics weren’t there. Yeah, I think you’ve got the idea. I am talking about an almost lost form of art, as the brains behind today’s awesome project puts it. Seriously, the album , I am going to introduce you to today, The Exodus, has clearly done this is flawlessly from start to finish.

The album is full of intelligent musical ideas that pull you in and make you want to listen to the whole thing in one go, and actually I have to emphasize that this album is one of those that you have to listen all the way through to the end, without any distractions around, to be able to enjoy and absorb it to the fullest.

The album has a very rich sound; the project clearly brings in a number of different sounds and styles together, even the sounds of the nature! They add so much depth to the songs and work very well. It is hard to pin down the genre; it is kind of a mixture of beautiful rock, metal, classical music and jazz, decorated with some ethnic and progressive elements, superb melodies on a very solid structure.

Getting quite a lot of musicians involved is an absolute plus which gives the album a very epic feel and a brilliant synergy of sound while upping the pleasure a couple of notches. What I also really like about the album is that they throw some heavier and darker stuff at you exactly when you need them.

The album is dealing with a very well-known and very significant historical event, which I’m not going to elaborate as Robert himself covered that part in the interview very nicely.

Each track is so powerful, emotional and dark that they shake you to the core and depresses you as if you were there with the people suffering… that is one successful storytelling folks, believe me! I love it when music can do that to me!

While the flow of this album is absolutely brilliant with tracks flowing nicely from one to the next, there are songs that stand out… At least for me.

The opener track Into the Past for instance, gives you a good idea what you are in for…

This is where you hear the lovely exchanges between a grandma and the cute little boy for the first time, which will walk you through the entire story. I found that to be very engaging: giving an idea about what the song is about and leaving the rest all to the music.  Right after this short narrative, the song kicks in with some moving piano chords and then suddenly takes off with aggressive guitars and drums and creepy strings and whole lot of instruments in the background… Very rich tune! The guitar solo is very engaging… Well, all the guitar work in the album is very tasty for that matter.

One of the most powerful songs of the album; Enslavement, grows into a very dark and aggressive song at the 2 minute mark. No wonder it’s one of my favourites 🙂

With Plague, you will simply feel the suffering in your veins. With the scream of a mother at the end, the anguish will be shaking your very core and your sadness will be accompanied by the masterful strings. Expressing feelings this deftly, better yet inducing a semblance of those feeling through music – applaud worthy! I am very impressed. Lastly, the bass line is fairly prominent in this song which I particularly love in music.

Commandments and Escape are the other two tracks that you would dig if you appreciate riffing and guitar work as it has some soaring guitar lead moments. These songs impressed me much with some heavy riffs, nice vocal melodies, the prominent role of orchestration, the – now familiar – guitar work all melding together nicely.

Finally my favourite off this album, Pharaoh’s Revenge is a musical masterpiece with some oriental touch and insanely catchy melodies. The rhythm and distorted guitars let the energy of the song come about and shine. Those brilliant guitar melodies, the strings and the uplifting vibe heal your now bruised soul.

Overall, the album does a very good job of drawing a complete picture with a well told story and very tasty and classy rock grooves…

The album transports the listener through the pages of time with crushing, soaring orchestral movements and dense soundscapes. These gorgeous, atmospheric soundscapes meld together in this great album and actually create something that surpasses the music.

It’s a must have for the fans of great bands like Dream Theater , Pink Floyd, Rush, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Nightwish, Kamelot, Within Temptation and Symphony X.

Having been this impressed by the album, I didn’t want to leave it at a review and asked the multi-instrumentalist/composer/producer Robert McClung a few questions to let you hear from the man himself.

You can find the interview here.

Also make sure that you listen to the tracks I chose for you!

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