Haken – Visions

Haken is very good at creating melodies and handling time signature changes without being overly flashy. Everything seems to fall exactly in place all the time. From the start, they show what you will experience for the next hour with Premonition and they don’t disappoint.

There are several lead changes between the guitars and the keyboards that are subtle and perfectly complemented by each other, as are the transitions between the upbeat and downbeat parts of each song. The drumming while not flashy is very clever in the way the time signatures are handled and the fair distribution between the cymbal work and the rest of the percussion. The singer does a great work being able to handle both low and high tones very well but leaning towards the later as it is normal for this genre. The bass player does a great job as well being able to follow the guitar and keyboard in their madness but also developing unique bass-lines that fit perfectly into the flow of each song.

Overall the album is outstanding, being able to merge the prog and the metal side of the music like only the best can.

– Diego

Note from the lady: Hey music fiends! Songs I chose for you from this album, you can find here while if you want to read more about Haken, their official site is here


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