Today I have a brilliant Swedish band for you. Embracing the tradition, they named their debut album after their name, MÅRRAN. The album has impressed me a lot from the get go and I reckon they are among the very good rock bands now!

The album has a very different overall vibe and feeling. The sound is incredibly 70s with a very blues-y/jazz-y feel. They don’t feel like they belong to this decade… Actually, the band members are from two different generations and three of them are the children of 70s.

One of the elements of the album that struck me very hard across the taste-buds is the brilliant vocals by the veteran Göran Edman whose work with Yngwie Malmsteen is very well known. His singing is very powerful, passionate and engaging. He brings an amazing depth to the overall sound…

Other members of the band are Morgan Korsmoe on bass guitars (formerly of Larz Kristerz), guitarist Ludwig Larsson (formerly of Dynamite Sky), Björn “Binge” Inge on drums (formerly of November & Chuck Berry – yeah, you read those right) and Max Lorentz on keys (formerly of Pugh, Ronander & Lundell).

If you are addicted to the Hammond sound and if you like aggressive rhythms and powerful vocals, I recommend taking a look at this album. They have a very interesting synergy going on – a very modernist approach, an unusual stance and as I said earlier, a very 70s feeling sound comes smoothly together.

Their musicianship leaves nothing to be desired – very well executed techniques all around and nice complexity with each and every note underlined and boldfaced. The band has a very good harmony and everyone in the band gets spotlight time to impress you. Vocal melodies are very catchy and song-writing is masterful – and of course, execution is incredible.

I generally think that those bands with non-English lyrics would be taking a risk in the international scene. But in MÅRRAN’s case, it works really well. Swedish becomes their music and the feel of their album – and that language sounds so nice!

For me, Folkvisa från Helvetet with its uplifting mood and Slockerlifka with its enchanting riffs stood out.

Overall, with their groovy, dynamic, colourful and engaging moods, a very entertaining record. Especially recommended to those who has a thing for the 70s.


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