Entropy E3

Entropy E3




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There seems to be an influx of quality bands hailing from Canada lately. Entropy has released two albums previously on their own independent label; it is not surprising that they had to re-press their back catalogue to meet the demands of their fans. Entropy are no strangers to playing in the big league, having shared the stage with bands such as Obituary, Fear Factory and Anvil to name but a few. They have also headlined shows in various Canadian cities proving they can hold their own when it comes down to satisfying their ever increasing fan base.

Having never heard the band Entropy before I was a little sceptical as to what awaits me, and to my amazement I was VERY pleasantly surprised indeed. I am not quite sure which genre of metal to place them in as their scope is so vast, they cover everything from classic metal, thrash and power metal. If I had to compare the band with one other I would have to pass, as they have such a unique style like no other I have heard in the past.

 One element of surprise is the vocals; they have a modern twist on the 80´s style which is executed perfectly. When I listen to these tracks I hear touches of old Death Angel, Exciter and Dark Angel in the vocal ranges, which to me is a joy to listen to being an old school fan.

 Musically Entropy sounds like a fresh US old school style thrash band, their talents displayed on these tracks are just relentless. Machine gun fired drums that obliterate anything in their wake, riffs that rip through your ear drums and a bass sound that is very dominant in some parts, with the added bonus of a bass solo here and there which is very unique these days indeed.

 This band has a bright future in the metal world for sure, as their abilities and talent seem to be endless. Just by listening to 7 tracks I want to hear more to see just what other flashes of brilliance they have to offer. Very impressed by the material I have heard and I can highly recommend them to anyone regardless of what their chosen favourite genre of metal maybe, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


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