Chris Gyngell (Reason)

Lady Obscure: Hello Chris, first of all  I appreciate your time for answering my questions.

Chris: Pleasure Nem.

Lady Obscure: Can you first tell us how you guys came together? 

[pullquote_right]Over the last few years, much metal & hard rock music has fused with other styles (particularly in the Nu-metal phase), but Reason’s influences tend to come from the `classic` rock & metal era.[/pullquote_right]Chris : The two founder members of Reason, I and vocalist Paul Mace, grew up in the same small town in central England. In fact, we grew up in the same street. Both of us aspired independently to become rock musicians, and even crossed musical paths in our teenage years – we played together in our very first band.
Inevitably, as we both learned our trades, our paths separated, and we both progressed through a variety of musical ventures. Years went by and in early 2009, by chance, we met up. Both of us had explored different musical avenues, had shared influences, and came to the same conclusion; that we should invent our ideal band.

I was already writing songs (I was in a few `nearly-was` bands previously), and so I set about creating an initial set of songs which embodied all of the things that we loved.

Lady Obscure: So this “ideal band” – what was ideal for you guys? What was it that you wanted to accomplish?

Chris: Above all else, the aim of the project was to create music that reflected what inspires us, and try to make any listeners feel the same; when we get positive feedback from listeners online, it’s the best reward that we could hope for.. `mission accomplished`!!

Lady Obscure: So, you have two founding members from different musical avenues in your words. How would you describe your synergistic – if you will – influence

Chris: I guess the Reason sound (if I had to make comparisons) embodies a range of influences from melodic rock acts such as Journey, Dokken and White Sister, progressive rock acts such as Rush and Dream Theater, and `traditional` metal acts such as Dio and Iron Maiden.
Over the last few years, much metal & hard rock music has fused with other styles (particularly in the Nu-metal phase), but Reason’s influences tend to come from the `classic` rock & metal era.
Initially Reason was not conceived as an out-and-out metal band, and the inclusion of keyboards in our orchestration was intended to give versatility to the band’s sound… I think this has proven to be the case!

Lady Obscure: You write songs and play a killer guitar – but in your heart of hearts…

Chris: At the outset, it’s all about song-writing for me… I love playing the guitar, particularly as I am free to put a reasonable amount of variety into my work with Reason, but creating songs is the seed from which all of the instrumental work grows.

Lady Obscure: Can you tell us about the line up? Who else is there to add to this tasty recipe besides you and Paul?

Chris: The band’s line-up has been completed with the addition of three excellent musicians, bassist Graham Corbett, drummer Sean Feeley, and keyboard player Gil Hird.
All of these guys bring their own shape to the sound of the band… It’s a great mix of musical styles that results in a varied & potent sound.
Graham is influenced by all kinds of rock, metal & other styles, Gil is classically-trained and can play literally anything on a keyboard, and Sean is an awesome rock drummer with a large amount of experience.

Lady Obscure: Let’s talk about your signing – how about the record company? And who’s responsible of the mixing? 

Chris: We signed to Sweden’s Alienation Records in late 2011, and released our début album `The Darkest Star` on 21st December 2011. The album is recorded and produced by myself and Paul, and with the welcome addition of the song `Rise` being remixed by rock production legend Beau Hill. Beau contacted us after hearing some of our music on Myspace… We were blown away, as we are great admirers of his work (producing Ratt, Winger, Alice Cooper & more). We agreed (why wouldn’t we? LOL) to work with him, and selected `Rise` to remix as a kind of single, as it is one of our shorter tracks, but still holds many of the qualities of our sound. We, and Beau were really happy with the outcome!!

Lady Obscure: Well, so am I Chris 🙂 … I personally am hoping to see you guys live. What are the plans in this venue if you pardon the pun?

 Chris:  We are currently planning live shows in the UK for summer 2012 (and some festival appearances already appearing for 2013!). we have also struck a promotional deal with Romulus X Records, and are promoting the album anywhere that we can.

Lady Obscure: Thank you for your time Chris! I am looking forward to seeing you guys live.

Chris: Thank you. It’s my pleasure.

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