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I asked him how this journey began and we ended up with a full fledged interview. I know you’re intrigued by now… keep reading
I know you’re such a music freak if you’re following my zine… Just like the lady herself!
So hear me now my fellow music fiend… If you are into horror attractions as well, I have a treat for you today!
I met this impressive bloke the other day… He does this interesting music project…

You already know my mission and I do not think it is necessary to repeat it here. So, coming across Jerry, I said there is no way I’m not writing about you!

This talented and creative guy is producing music with a recurring concept… and a very interesting one indeed! His guitar work is amazing and he definitely came up with great melodies… He’s doing an amazing job in creating a dark and scary atmosphere using a whole bunch of different sounds as well… from ghost wails to eerie cries of babies…

I asked him how this journey began and we ended up with a full fledged interview. I know you’re intrigued by now… keep reading

Lady Obscure: Hello Jerry, thanks for your time

Jerry: My pleasure Nem, thank you.

Lady Obscure: Why did you choose this very interesting concept?

Jerry: It was by accident. I had recorded an instrumental version of Disneyland’s Haunted mansion organ melody and it got the attention of the haunted attraction industry. I was asked to record 2 original songs for a compilation cd and they got a lot of attention. Most haunts, at the time, used Gothic orchestral music and this was something new. I started getting emails asking if I had any CD so I recorded my first CD “Damnations Embrace” and it’s been a fun ride since.

Lady Obscure: What kicked idea off? Any interesting story behind it?

Jerry: A lot of the inspirations come from photos I have seen of different haunts or movies, TV etc. My first CD “Damnations Embrace” and my newest CD “The Attic” are self-contained story lines. “Damnations Embrace” originally was supposed to be loosely tied to “The Lost Boys” but I changed the idea to a Dark Carnival/Vampire theme. “The Attic” was loosely inspired by King Diamonds’ “Abigail”. I throw in a small tribute to him in one of the songs.
My 2nd CD “Soul Collector” is various themes inspired from haunts I have been to, TV shows, books and movies. My next CD is a Zombie Apocalypse theme called “Virus 308” (due April/May 2013)

Lady Obscure: Will you stick to this concept?

Jerry: Definitely. As long as the interest is there, I will continue. I don’t do this for money at all. My music is royalty-free for any haunt to use in their attraction, queue line, website and they can register at my site. I have had several clients hire me for custom work as well.

Lady Obscure: What are your future plans?

Jerry: The only thing I plan out is the next CD, LOL. I currently also do music for a podcast called “The Big Scary Show”. It’s myself and 3 actors from the haunt industry. I have done the main intro, some of the commercials and a recurring segment called “Decomposing” that I break down some of my songs and how they were inspired and put together. I also pick the music contributions for each episode.
I actually have 4 different CD’s in the works. 8 songs are already done for “Virus 308, 2 songs written for “Cirque du Macabre” (dark circus), 1 song written for “Phobia” (based on different phobias) and 1 song recorded for “Bodies in The Bayou” (voodo/black magic theme). That on will probably be an EP.

Lady Obscure: Is it a studio-only project or are you touring?

Jerry: Studio only. I have been approached about possibly playing live but it’s costly to do (PA rental, lights etc.). I’m fine doing my stuff and selling them online or at conventions.

Lady Obscure: Is there a dedicated team of musicians working with you? Or are you recruiting musicians on an ad-hoc basis? Are you going to get more musicians involved?

Lady Obscure: It’s all me. I write and play all the instruments as well as engineer/mix/produce and master. I have considered possibly doing a track and having others play but it’s a pain in the ass. I tried that once before and the sound quality of the tracks I received made mixing a nightmare. I was asked to “re-envision” a track from the Gothic group Midnight Syndicate for a movie soundtrack CD. It’s called “Shadows” and was included on the official soundtrack CD for their film “The Dead Matter” starring Tom Savini (“Friday The 13th”), Jason Carter (“Babylon 5”) and Andrew Divoff (“Lost”). I took their original track, which was just piano and strings, and built a whole band around it. It was received very well.

Lady Obscure: Wow. That is very impressing. Thank you Jerry… Looking forward to your future work.

Jerry: Thank you Lady.

Make sure to check out the track I chose for you and the music will speak for itself…

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