Antonio Vittozzi (Soul Secret)

Antonio Vittozzi (Soul Secret)



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Hey folks!

Recently I shared a few of their songs and reviewed their album, as some of you might remember…. now some insight as to what they have been doing and what they are up to!

I give you, Antonio Vittozzi of Soul Secret!

Lady Obscure: Hello Antonio, first of all, thank you for taking the time for me.

Antonio Vittozzi: My pleasure.

Lady : So, what I’d like to know first is how did you guys came together? How did it your journey start, if you will?

Antonio : Me and Antonio Mocerino (drummer) started this project together in 2004 as a cover band, then Luca Di Gennaro (keyboardist) joined us two years later. We came up with a demo version of “First Creature” and playing it during a live gig was really a great experience because the crowd really enjoyed it! We then understood that there was a sort of chemistry between us, so we came up writing “Flowing Portraits” that was published by ProgRock Records in 2008. We never had a stable singer so we decided to welcome Fabio Manda (singer) on board and after our previous bass player left the band for personal reasons, we auditioned Claudio Casaburi (bass player).

With this line-up we recorded “Closer To Daylight”, published in 2011 by Galileo Records

Lady Obscure: Quite a whirlwind there… So, the until you had your final line up, what were the members doing? Any exciting projects?

Antonio Vittozzi: Well, everyone of us had a previous experience in music. I had two cover bands, the first one where I knew Michele Serpico (Soul Secret’s first singer) and and a second one where I knew Luca Di Gennaro. Antonio Mocerino played in “Near Death Experience”, Luca played first in a progressive band called “Paradoxa” and then in the cover band said before, Claudio played punk and Fabio sung in “Nameless Crime”. Pretty diverse origins, isn’t it? 🙂

Lady : Indeed. How did you came to choose the prog genre then?

Antonio : We didn’t choose, it was naturally driven by our souls! 🙂

I think progressive is the perfect mixture of different genres and freedom of writing, it really allows us to experiment on our instruments and you never know what your following album deserves you!

Lady : Of course. Actually it shows in your songs – you know, your little twists of different sections.

Antonio : We love experimenting different genres, you can hear “twists” in about every song of this album. Progressive allows you to dig into different genres and we totally exploit this possibility, as you can hear in River’s Edge with the jazzy section (where there’s a great solo by Marco Sfogli, guitarist in James LaBrie’s solo albums) or in the blast-beat one in the Shelter… there’s latin in Pillars Of Sand and fusion in Aftermath and I think we covered a lot of different styles throughout the whole album!

Lady : So, what are your plans? When is the next album? Are you guys going to tour?

Antonio : Yes, that’s for sure. We started our promotional tour for “Closer To Daylight” in March, playing in Napoli, and we’ll be in Germany with Subsignal in May. In September we’ll play at the Eleven Rock, opening for Vanden Plas. So… yeah, we have a lot of work to do and we look forward to it! About our third album, we already started working on it, one song is already finished! 🙂

Lady : Wow! That sounds promising. We are looking forward to it. Thank you for your time again.

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