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Today, I have an unusual musician for you. He records most of the instruments, vocals and effects by himself and he’s got a range of genres – from Rock to Electronica, Metal, Pop and Ambient.

I give you, David Jerkins.

Lady Obscure: Could you please tell me about yourself and your work? The idea behind your music is intriguing…

[pullquote_right]”David, you’re a creative force! Incredible body of work, literally something for everyone ”  – From ReverbNation  [/pullquote_right] David Jerkins:I am a multi-genre artist. I paint images with sound. I use many colors and mediums to paint these soundscapes and color your world with music. Every idea is a visual image, a picture, a journey, a soundtrack to the events of our lives. I write with emotion, carrying you through all the emotions that are experienced in life. Every idea is a visual image, a picture, a journey, a soundtrack to the events of our lives. I am exhibiting these “pictures” in the gallery for all to see and hear. I hope that everyone finds at least one image that is pleasing and touches you in a positive way.

Lady Obscure: How did your story begin? You obviously have an interesting take on music. How was the road paved?

David Jerkins: Since the British invasion of the 60’s, I’ve had a passion for music. As a teenager, I listened in on many garage bands and dreamed of pursuing music myself. My parents discouraged it because “You can’t make a living playing music”. Wanted to learn rock guitar, but the teachers of the day wouldn’t teach it because “Rock and roll is not real music”. Still, I wrote songs in high school disguised as poetry. 

[pullquote]  “Sounds sensation, with delivery that is sometimes unusually interesting and engaging . Good groove great music that ought to stand out among the rest of the virtuoso instrumentalists.”   – From ReverbNation   [/pullquote] Fast forward to adulthood, got married, took on the responsibilities of family and involvement in a family business. Dream gone, though I did play around on the guitar and wrote and played original songs in church occasionally (which was a hard thing because playing the “devil’s music” in church was frowned upon back in those days). I also studied the art of synthesis, and sound development, from mimicking real instruments to the other worldly sounds analogue synths were known for, bought a monophonic Korg and created a patch book of sounds. Eventually, when the modern digital workstations came of age, I sequenced accompaniment tracks for my songs and along with guitar, recorded these ideas to cassette. 

My son became an accomplished musician when he was very young, playing almost any instrument in front of him including violin, drums, guitar, keys, etc. As an adult he has done a lot of studio work and did shows with several well-known bands and also owned a commercial studio for a while. This, of course, gave me the means for learning all this stuff and having the means of producing high quality material, so in recent years, armed with the up to date technology of audio processing and virtual instruments and several years of writing and recording whatever comes to mind, I have set out to “hang” the “images” I have “painted” in the gallery for all to “see” and hear. I enjoy sharing my music with the public.

Lady Obscure: Where did this road take you? Where do you see yourself now?

[pullquote_right] “You have so much wonderful music it is really impossible to choose three or four.. or ten.. songs for that mater.. that are the best.”  – From ReverbNation
[/pullquote_right] David Jerkins:
I am just a small fish in a vast sea of outstanding talent. I have no illusions of fortune or fame, as the music industry has changed dramatically in recent years. I am content to pursue this as a hobby. I no longer perform live, and have become a “virtual” computer musician using virtual instruments in my micro home studio. Sometimes I have even taken to drawing the music in MIDI, one note at a time along with the articulations for each instrument.  So, I really do paint or draw the “image”.

Lady Obscure: For those who have no idea about your work, can you tell us what/who you sound like?

David Jerkins: (according to the reviews and screenings I’ve had so far)Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, Jan Hammer, Tangerine Dream, Duran Duran, Rush, Black Sabbath and several others because I do so much variety.

Lady Obscure: This actually gives me an idea but could you tell me more about your influences? Who do you like?

Anything with heart, feeling and/or a good groove. Too many artists to name them all. Here is a few, not in any particular order: Rolling Stones (60’s- Early 70’s), Black Sabbath, Budgie, Roxy Music, Doors, Bob Seger (before Silver Bullet Band), Jan Hammer (Miami Vice soundtrack), Tangerine Dream, Emmylou Harris, Lorreena McKinnett, Waylon Jennings, Free/Bad Company (Paul Rodgers), Robin Trower, Jane (70’s-80’s German prog-rock), Flamin’ Groovies, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Rez Band (80’s-90’s Christian Rock Band), Yardbirds, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Pink Floyd, The Monkees, Depeche Mode, T-Rex, Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Michael McDonald, Creed, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grand Funk Railroad, Saliva, Ozzy, Judas Priest, Chevelle, Godsmack, Metalica, most of the modern Christian rock bands like Skillet, Switchfoot, P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple, GS Megaphone and a host of others.

Lady Obscure: So what makes you tick? Got many fans? What do people think of your work?

David Jerkins: I receive and am encouraged by, many wonderful comments. I have been reviewed twice. I have been encouraged to pursue the licensing for film, TV, and advertising. I have become kind of in demand by licensing libraries and have received invitations. This started by being sort of “discovered” by some movers and shakers in Hollywood. So, who knows what’s in store. 

I have a small fan base from around the world with a heavy concentration in Europe, especially in the UK. “Beauty And Glamour” gets the most plays there. “Sad Day” has become my signature song and is the most popular overall, followed by, “The Laughter”, “The Chase”,  “Desert Sands”,  “Here To Love You”, “Show Me The Money”, “Don’t Say I Didn’t Warn You”, “They Don’t Call Me Good For Nothin’”, “Fantasy”, “Image”, “A Moment”, “Image”, “Run For The Goal”, and “I Hate You” 

My demographic groups are 55-65, 45-55, and 35-45. I do have younger fans and listeners, but it falls off rapidly lower than the 35 age group.

Lady Obscure: Interesting. Could you tell me about that Hollywood story?

[pullquote] “What I like about your sound is that it is classical rock yet original, Great job on “Beauty and Glamour.” Your song “The Laughter” kind of reminds me of “Pink Floyd mixed with Tangerine Dream,” along with your original sound. Fantastic backbeat with “Beauty and Glamour.”   – From ReverbNation    [/pullquote] David Jerkins: I have a schoolmate who at one time was in a brokerage partnership that brokered deals for exotic cars, etc., and sold some things like Ferraris owned by famous film directors. This friend sent one of the high up the Hollywood ladder guys he has remained friends with over the years, a copy of the song “Sad Day” which was new in May last year. This guy, along with his Hollywood buddies like to one-up each other on finding unknown talent. Word came back that they were blown away by “Sad Day” and “Monster” It was reported, the guys that did the latest “Transformers” movie said, they would have used “Sad Day” in 4 or 5 places in the movie, had it been available 6 months prior. These guys are avid gamers also and said “Monster” is perfect for some of the combat games they play and WILL end up in a game someday for sure. 

Lady Obscure: Any albums on the horizon?

David Jerkins: I  have enough material for 10 to 12 CD’s but I no longer see a reason to have CD’s printed as they do not sell enough verses downloads, to justify the expense. 

Thank You David!

Guys, here is a list of songs from his portfolio. If you would like to see more of him, just take a look at his pages!




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