Adrian O'Shaughnessy – Frameshift, Shadow's Mignon, Psychic for Radio

Adrian O'Shaughnessy – Frameshift, Shadow's Mignon, Psychic for Radio



Tue, 14 Aug 2012 17:56:03 +0000


When I started this journey, my biggest goal was to give some exposure to obscure bands and artists…

But you know what, now I understand that I actually never knew the potential awesomeness I would find and the horizons I would discover!

Today, I am talking about one vocalist who sings the best song I’ve heard in the past year… This Irish singer/songwriter – who also has a very nice personality, if I might say so myself – I wouldn’t have the privilege of meeting should Henning Pauly didn’t invite me to his studio for some recording sessions with him…

I’m talking about  Adrian O’Shaughnessy!

 Adrian O'Shaughnessy

Adrian O’Shaughnessy

If he didn’t work with Henning Pauly, I might not have heard of him… even the idea scares the hell out of me as I am addicted his vocals now!

When I was over there, witnessing awesomeness coming to life, of course I didn’t forget about you and asked him a lot of questions about his work with Henning Pauly, Shawn Gordon, his solo career and aspirations.

Let me thank Christina Leschinsky and Henning Pauly to make this interview happen and of course Adrian for taking the time to answer my questions and for his kindness throughout those 4 days!

Now I leave you with my interview with the man and the link to my report from those sessions in case you haven’t read that already! Oh, and here is his Facebook Page!

‘Till next time folks!




[youtube 3pXv6Y8Ht74]

Filmed by Christina Leschinsky!

Edited by  Henning Pauly!

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