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Among the many excellent prog bands we can find out there nowadays, Sylvan (from Hamburg, Germany) is one of those who stand out. Their distinctive sound is based around intricate piano lines, sharp guitar solos, a powerful rhythm base and a warm, emotional lead voice. By the end of 2011 they released their latest CD, the epic “Sceneries”, composed of five long tracks divided into chapters, where each chapter is thematically related to a member of the band.

Every year, Sylvan performs a Christmas concert in their hometown in Hamburg, receiving the visit of loyal fans from Germany, England, France, Netherlands, Ukraine, etc. Just minutes before their 2012 Christmas concert, I had the opportunity to interview Sebastian Harnack (bass) and Matthias Harder (drums) about Sylvan’s sound, the work behind “Sceneries” and their future plans.

Check it out and stay prog!


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