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Hey music fans, since I got the debut release Coverin’ Thoughts from Italian prog metalers Karnya, it has been on my mind and on my player. A while back the Lady made a comment about an artist creating an album specifically for you, that is exactly how I felt about Karnya. I jumped on the chance to ask some questions to Riccardo Nardocci, guitarist and vocalist for this amazing group of musicians, let’s see what he has to say…

lonestar: So, first off, a little background, how did Karnya come into being? Tell us about the band members?

Riccardo: Karnya have been around for more than 12 years with the current line-up, except for Luca Ciccotti whom entered the band last august replacing the old drummer. The band was called ZEN and only Dario Di Pasquale was left like former member. The genre of music was more or less the same but a little less aggressive.

lonestar:Your bio states you have roots in the Roman underground scene. How did that influence the development of the Karnya sound?

Riccardo:All of us in play since we were little  kids, and from the start we were fascinated by the virtuosity, that brought us closer to this genre, until we met by chance and started to put together some ideas. The music of Karnya comes from the fusion of four different ways of thinking that joined together to create a unique sound.

Karnya2lonestar:What artist are your main influences? Who did you listen to growing up?

Riccardo: Currently there are no specific band that inspires us, but it is inevitable that band like Rush, Metallica, Dream theater with which we grew up, have led us to play a genre per se very elaborate. However, we do not follow a lot of the current scene as regards the strictly metal prog Scene.

lonestar: In my review and your bio, the music of the seventies is referenced. You refer to the 70s prog influences, and I mention the sounds of 70s hard rock I grew up with. Can you talk a bit more about this? Which bands from that era really helped develop Karnya?

Riccardo: As I said in the previous question in general a little bit all the great classics of the past. I can personally say that Yes, Toto, Chic Corea, Pink Floyd, Genesis and Miles Davis are the names with which I grew up and have formed me musically.

lonestar: OK, so we have a band, we have influences, now we need an album. How did the tracks for Coverin’ Thoughts develop?

Riccardo: The development of our songs is very simple, each band member brings an idea to work together then we come to the final product after countless rehearsals.

lonestar: The instrumentation is so intricate, how does the music writing process work for you guys?

Riccardo: After We choose the best ideas We create some tests with multitrack sequencers to see if the song is good and make the necessary changes till we have what satisfy us at all. It is a very long and scrupulous work but it allows us to produce the best results.

[pullquote]It’s a journey inside the mind, his fears and his darker side.However by reading the lyrics always comes a horizon of positivity, salvation and determination to overcome and defeat the adversity that are presented to us.[/pullquote]

lonestar: I mention in my review the dark tone of the lyrics, especially the bare honesty of them. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Riccardo: The common denominator of the lyrics is the human mind, its emotions and fears. Lyrics are very introspective, a transcript in music and words of specific events that have happened to us and that in one way or another we had to face. It’s a journey inside the mind, his fears and his darker side.However by reading the lyrics always comes a horizon of positivity, salvation and determination to overcome and defeat the adversity that are presented to us.Lyrics are very important to us because we want to communicate something with those words that can resonate and excite the listener, consequently we try to give to music the lyrics  that it deserves.

lonestar: An hour and a half long concept album is quite ambitious for a debut, was this intentional?

Riccardo: There was no particular intention in wanting to make a record so long, we had a lot of good material therefore we included it. We never liked songs too short 🙂  we can’t fit in them… we need space 🙂

lonestar: How did Jens Bogren get involved? How did he influence the final product?

Riccardo: We already knew Jens for his reputation, he does not need any introduction, he made some of the most famous last album of the moment, we sent him our work and immediately we understood we were on the same page. That took us to the final product. We are very satisfied and proud of that!

lonestar: Now my review was glowing, in fact, I still can’t stop listening to the album. How has the reception been in general?

Riccardo: So far we are having all positive feedback and we are happy, it is not easy today to realize a work so complex, what has always brought us forward was the passion and love for our music. We hope that the positive feedbacks will continue and that they will allow us to continue to play in a more thorough and professional way publishing albums even more beautiful than the last.

lonestar: How does this music translate to a live setting? Any plans to do the album in its entirety, or if you have, how did it work?

Riccardo: The album was released just this month and we are already promoting with live concerts in the Rome area and soon in the rest of Italy. We want to play the songs live as closely as possible trying to have the same sound and impact heard on the record.

lonestar: So what does the future hold for Karnya?

Riccardo: Definitely continue to promote the album trying to play live as much as possible, hopefully also outside Italy soon. At the same time we are already writing new songs for a new album. We hope to anticipate also some new songs live.

lonestar: Thank you Riccardo for your time, and again a huge thanks to Karnya for the amazing album.

The future looks really bright for this talented and innovative group.

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