Bobby Kimball Interview

8 Years ago today, our very own Lady met up with Bobby Kimball and had a wonderful chat with the legend.

She said:


Music of Toto has always been one of my favourite things along with brown paper packages tied up with strings! My taste in music evolved over the years, obviously, but my love of Toto have not decreased a bit. There happens to be two reasons for that and I recently realised their existence during my chat with Bobby Kimball, the original Toto vocalist. If you asked such questions to yourself in the past, the answers are in the video! I had the honour of asking him my questions in person. Bobby was very courteous and he put up with me in his house in Los Angeles 😀
 You know he has a brilliant voice – now I know he has a very colourful and lovable personality as well… In this very gourmet conversation I had with Bobby Kimball, you will find whole bunch of things such as Toto, his latest projects, his collaboration with Jimi Jamison, the upcoming album and a whole other things!

And of course some words about my all-time-favourite Toto song ‘Falling in Between’ … seriously that song sounds like five completely different awesome songs smashed together!!! Unbelievable!!!


Bobby Kimball Official Page

Bobby Kimball Fan Page

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