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New York City’s Kings Never Die announce the release of Raise A Glass on Upstate Records in early 2020.  The four-song EP is a hard-hitting amalgamation of rock, punk, and metal with heartfelt lyrics, catchy rhythms and smashing drums.

Kings Never Die aren’t your average crossover hardcore band. Taking elements of metal, hardcore, and punk and distilling them into an effective framework of music, the band consists of members of New York HC legends like Mucky Pup, Dog Eat Dog, and Murphy’s Law — so while the band might be relatively young, there’s some old school “scene cred” that’s already well-established.

The band began to form in late 2018 when guitarist Larry “The Hunter” Nieroda (Murphy’s Law, Stigma) called up longtime friend and guitarist Dan Natasi (Dog Eat Dog, Mucky Pup); the two immediately began work on what would become Kings Never Die. The pair were quickly joined by drummer John Milnes (Mucky Pup), bass player Jay Kaflin (Sub Zero, Son Of Sam), and vocalist Dylan Gadino (Robots And Monsters) to form the current incarnation of the band.

Having released their debut single “Before My Time” earlier this year, the song — and Kings Never Die themselves — made a big impression. The song was picked up for radio airplay by Boston Rock Radio, and the newly-established act was also featured on a number of podcasts and featured playlists, giving strength to what Dan Natasi described as “a much harder punk-rock/hardcore style” than the bands he’d been in previously.  Larry Nieroda sums up Kings Never Die as “we are a hard-rocking band, with long standing roots in the NYHC scene.  Kings Never Die is all about having a straight up good time.”
September of 2019 brought the band their first show at the legendary birthplace of New York Hardcore, NYC A7. Needless to say, the response was overwhelming.  Now that the band has finished up work on their debut 7″ Raise A Glass (due out in early 2020), fans of throwback hardcore punk will want to pay attention. After all, Kings Never Die.

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