Abydos – Silence
04 Apr. 2012

Abydos – Silence

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Depending on how you feel about Vanden Plas you may or may not shrug off a side project by their lead singer, Andy Kuntz.  Forget what you think of them, though, Andy Kuntz put together a project album named Abydos, intended as a stage musical, which outpaces everything Vanden Plas has done .  I am, admittedly, not particularly a fan of Vanden Plas, but this Abydos album is worth it every time I put it on.  Vanden Plas fan or not, this album is worth looking in to.

The song I chose to highlight is Silence, a song that mixes an interesting arrangement with a great melodic chorus.  A keyboard bridge in the second half of the song is one of many very cool, unexpected moments in the song.



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  1. […] side project Abydos was mentioned in these pages by my music fiend author yorost — you can find it here. Andy’s voice is just […]

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    I also wanted to add a thank you to LadyObscure for graciously adding me as an author here!

    • LadyObscure LadyObscure says:

      Well I would like to thank and welcome you on behalf of all my readers, for your great contribution both with your reviews and innovative ideas to improve the zine even further! It’s great pleasure to have you here!

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