Adagio / Happy birthday Franck Hermanny
04 Apr. 2012

Adagio / Happy birthday Franck Hermanny

Hey folks!

I am with you again with another prog-metal band that I really can’t say enough good things about. There is so much I love about this band’s work…

First off, it is terrific prog-metal that encompasses a lot of elements that I dig such as power, symphonic metal touches and neo-classical elements. The top notch techniques, lovely vocals, tasteful riffs, engaging melodies, instrumentation in heavily orchestrated music give the songs a hugely unique and brilliant feel.

Complex arrangements with cool time signatures, tempo changes within songs and of course stand-out solo sections open up whole new worlds for you regularly. But it is worth mentioning here that if you are not used to this kind of sounds, they are not the most accessible and easiest to enjoy from the get go. But don’t worry, they will grow on you simply because they are brilliant!

One of the main elements of Adagio’s sound is the shredding guitar solos by the immensely talented guitarist Stéphan Forté, whose vision – not to mention his technical proficiency and amazing guitar tones – made this amazing band become reality! I love his emotional and melodic style.

Another facet that stands out is the keys. Kevin Codfert joined the band in 2003 after the first album ‘Sanctus Ignis’ and his involvement adds a lot to the band.

What really stands out more than anything else and what I particularly like about this band is the way they use the guitars and the keys throughout the song build-ups. Seriously, those guitar/keyboard unisons accompanied by the skillful bass lines are something to hear! This brings me to my topic of the day actually. This band features one of my all-time favourite bass players, Franck Hermanny. The unique technique he developed is just blowing my mind each and every time!

So, are you down for a cheeky head-bang on Franck’s birthday? Enjoy the songs then!








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Kelly Sundown Carpenter
Kelly Sundown Carpenter
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  1. Avatar yorost says:

    Sanctus Ignis is such a great album! Still my favourite from the band. They even cover my favourite Led Zeppelin song on it.

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