Black Tide – Honest Eyes
05 May. 2012

Black Tide – Honest Eyes

Most of the time when searching for new bands, we go by recommendations from friends, or bands tied into artist we know and love.  Sometimes though, we take chances, and venture down roads slightly unfamiliar to us.  On one of these ventures, down a path strewn with hard metal laced with a punk vibe, I came across Black Tide, a Miami qartet of youngsters with a most promising future.

Touring credits from their first album included Ozzfest, The Mayhem Festival, and an opening tour with Avenged Sevenfold, all while still in their teens.  Now upon the heels of their second album, Post Mortem, they are growing into a style of their own, and it has balls.  Thunderous guitars, searing and forceful , and a drummer that is as fierce as they come, they gel into a unit capable of truly bringing the pain.

In this sample, Honest Eyes, the pace is relentless, yet takes care to remain harmonious without losing itself in the aggression.  Drummer Steve Spence sets the pace in his one man war of vengeance on his kit, and the rest of the band falls perfectly into pace, but singer Gabriel Garcia is the high point of this piece, shining all over the spectrum.  Together they create a sound unique yet wondrous.

In a world of cookie cutter pop and pre-designed stars, it is so refreshing to see some metal done right, started by kids in a garage, and grown from there.  If growth is any indicator of success, Black Tide should be on their way to a bright future.



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  1. lonestar lonestar says:

    Couldn’t agree more, nothing, absolutely nothing, takes me to the place that music does, and good music does it every time. 🙂

  2. Avatar The-Hulk says:

    Hey Lonestar. You got it 1000% right. THAT FEELING OF WONDROUS SERENITY THAT ONLY MUSIC CAN DELIVER, you write in your bio. You got me with that. I agree, music is better than anything else, it replaces drugs, alcohol, and coffee all at the same time. Plus scientifically, haha yes, it stimulates your brain, the drugs and alcohol just destroy it. Coffee, mmm wakes you up. But music goes deep deep into your soul and hypnotizes you. Thanks for stating this. I will link this web page to many of my contacts to show them that this is the ultimate truth.
    Bring out that message to everyone on the planet.
    The Hulk

    Oh I almost forgot. Thanks for Black Tide review. I do not know them, but if you say so, I will find them and listen to it, and very probably enjoy it.
    Good review.


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