Crashdïet – It’s A Miracle
05 May. 2012

Crashdïet – It’s A Miracle

Hey guys!

All the birthday celebrations, important gigs, backstages, and interview preparations kept us away for quite long this time… But, luckily, I know the zine has been in very capable hands in my absence. Lonestar is writing about a new gem everyday for you and we are steadily growing! I will introduce another author very soon to boot!

Now… Why don’t we give an awesome song a listen?

Here’s a band with a real feel of 80’s… With their hair, their stage shows, costumes and all, they are just the hair band as a hair band should be.

The band is very tight, Martin Sweet is an amazing guitarist… They have a very good sound and the tunes are just beautiful. Dave Lepard (yes it’s a stage name…) is… Well, he was a very good glam vocalist – it is just very sad that he committed suicide.

Now, it is no more possible for us to hear a vibrato like that (check out 2:25 mark). He was in deep depression in 2006… He was only 25 and he was the one who formed the band… After his death, the band decided to carry on the Crashdïet legacy, which would keep Dave’s spirit alive… And the new singer, Simon Cruz is brilliant too…

They have released three albums: Rest in Sleaze ( 2005 ), The Unattractive Revolution ( 2007) and Generation Wild ( 2010’s ). The song I chose for you today is from their debut album, Rest in Sleaze. It is a masterpiece through and through. I can’t get enough of it… Very emotional… Even without the lyrics you could feel the emotions seizing you.

If you check out the albums you’ll see that this is not the only beautiful tune they have.


Enjoy the song and keep following, guys! Loads of love from the Lady…

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  1. Avatar jingle.boy says:

    Always love me some good glam! This is just the kind of track you’d want when you’re in the best of moods, and then it gives you a little push to make you feel even higher on life!

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