Ice Age – The Lhasa Road (No Surrender)
04 Apr. 2012

Ice Age – The Lhasa Road (No Surrender)

Hello!  Lady Obscure has some great pieces in the works for you so I’m dropping by with a song for the day!

Ice Age hasn’t been on the progressive scene in over a decade, changing their name and following a more mainstream approach.  Before that happened they managed two full length albums and an EP highlighting their change of direction.  Their second album, Liberation, is a wonderful progressive metal album following a theme about human struggles.  It’s my personal favourite from them, although both albums are well regarded by fans.

As for a song to choose from this album I wanted to go with the album opener.  The Lhasa Road was a great choice to kick off this album, I’ll never forget the awesome feeling from the first time I put this album on.  Enjoy this forgotten band!


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  1. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    Well, you’re welcome Missus.

  2. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    Nailed it! That’s it precisely (and ironically enough, I was even listening to Styx this morning totally unrelated). Sorry Lady… don’t mean to turn this into a side chat. Can’t wait to listen to more of these guys!

    • LadyObscure LadyObscure says:

      Ha, that is perfectly fine! I’m actually working on ideas to incorporate more interaction into the site…. your contribution is greatly appreciated mister!

  3. Avatar yorost says:

    Dennis DeYoung is a common comparison.

  4. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    Yummy! The vocals … who does it remind me of? Oh, it’s right on the tip of my tongue!

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