Jorn Lande
03 Mar. 2012

Jorn Lande

Jorn Lande

Now, don’t expect me to maintain a journalist discipline at all times – from time to time, the fangirl inside me will force my hand…

Oh, noticed that already? Cool 🙂

So, today, I’m breaking tradition and sharing songs (yes, as in more than one) from a vocalist of whom I am a huge fan – Mr Jorn Lande. I mean, how can you not be a huge fan? He’s not only a brilliant vocalist but he also creates and adds to the genres I love! Power and prog – come on now mister! You have got to be joking me!

Jorn is a Gemini (like the lady herself) and just in his early 40s, he’s already have a truck-load of amazing projects under his belt. Here  is his official site for a taste…

It is my sincere hope that for long, long years he will keep creating and we will keep listening to him!

Now, less talk, more music…

Here’s a list of songs form his different bands and collaborations! All are amazing… I can not get enough of him and I’m sure you too will enjoy them…







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  1. Avatar Pelle says:

    met with Jorn on several occations, and he’s a really nice guy as well. I have a couple of songs to add to this list in case u havent heard em. couldnt stop myself from posting this after seing ur picks. check out vagabond – angels serenade, and power supply – bad habit. old stuff. soooo good 🙂 nice article btw!

    • LadyObscure LadyObscure says:

      Thanks Pelle! Welcome to my site! Always welcome your comments and suggestions… Vagabond? Hell yesss!

  2. Avatar YtseBitsySpider says:

    I am a HUGE Jorn fan. From Ark….to Avantasia when he comes in on the Scarecrow to my ALL TIME FAVORITE song…..Gonna Find The Sun.

    His voice just makes you bang your head.

  3. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    I’ve got such a man-crush on Lorne (specifically, his voice His voice has that perfect blend of power and grittiness, yet graceful and smooth like a tumbler of Johnny Walker Blue. No Spotify in Canada makes JingleBoy a sad panda. Fortunately, I found another source for Ark (which I was unfamiliar with. *metal*

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