Periphery – Jetpacks Was Yes!
04 Apr. 2012

Periphery – Jetpacks Was Yes!

Hey folks!
Today, I am going to introduce you to a new band with a bright future! Periphery… They first caught my eye as a support act to Dream Theater – then Rich, a very musical fellow and a moderator at DT forums, got them in my radar a second time. He said “[their music] ranges from quite melodic and anthemic like this to really quite heavy; I think you’ll dig it!” and I dug in to this delicious band… Spencer’s voice is quite good and I promise, it grows on you.
If you are one of those folks who are late to the party, here they are! I reckon this is a great song to start exploring this fine example of great music! It has a nice story too – be sure to check it out.
Happy Sunday my beloved friends!

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  1. Avatar JingleBoy says:

    This was a nice track. Damn Europeans get the good opening acts for DT! lol

  2. Avatar YtseBitsySpider says:

    Great young band. I only have their first disc….but Icarus…that riff….WOW.

  3. Avatar canlicenaze says:

    seen them live in Germany, wouldnt say they are progressive at all. All i remember is that they were a crowd of people at the stage, I guess they have 3 guitars?

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