Rishloo – Scissorlips
04 Apr. 2012

Rishloo – Scissorlips

Today’s obscure band is Rishloo from Seattle. They are a progressive art rock band formed in late 2002, and released their debut album Terras Fames in 2004. The song I picked for you is from their last effort, Feathergun. I listen to this song pretty much every day… Very impressive work.

Hope you enjoy it too!


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3 Responses

  1. Avatar Jingle.boy says:

    That was pretty hawt!

  2. Avatar lonestar says:

    Why have you been hiding this one from me? Killer song.

    • LadyObscure LadyObscure says:

      Hey glad that you like it my loyal followers… There’s loads that I’ve been hiding from you! So keep watching me!!!
      Well Mr. JBoy, you actually weren’t supposed to hear that.. 🙁

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