Lady With Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt

Lady Obscure with Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth

You know the feeling, starting off the week, still feeling like a bit more rest would have been nice… You know, your standard Monday?

Well, mine was far from standard this time around!

I started off with an Opeth gig and a Mikael Akerfeldt interview that hit me so hard in unison, see, it took me four days to come to and edit the interview!

As for the show, the set-list, sound system, lighting, the whole production was impeccable. Of course, being in the front row made it much more awesome! The band was really in there with the show and the crowd was enthusiastic, crashing like waves at the stage, the whole time through – which Mikael recognised several times during the show. Apparently, Mikael actually had a sore throat and was very tired from previous night’s show but we wouldn’t have known if he didn’t tell us as it was a hell of a performance.

What an amazing show, and to be honest, just on Tuesday I started planning my flights for the rest of the year to catch more of their shows – they are addictive like that. What an awesome band!

As for the interview, even though Mikael had to leave early for sound-check, it is one of my favourites really. He’s a great intellect and a very strong presence!

Last, but not least, my dear friend, the amazing musician Amadeus Awad, I can’t thank him enough for helping me record the interview.

Without further ado, here is that interview which’s fast becoming one of my favourites!


Lady O

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