Lyle Watt
10 Oct. 2012

Lyle Watt

Hey guys,

Jalo here, first time author for the Lady Obscure Music Magazine!

Fresh air to the ears, I am currently writing about a list of other artists and analysing their music in preparation – but Lyle caught my attention and I had to stop and share his music with you.

Now, I always connect with the lyrics and try to see the artist in layers, using their notes and words.

I think the lyrics are very important. But the thing is, as Lyle proves, you don’t have to have words to have lyrics as he  indeed speaks with his tune to you… immersing us into his world with string (like in minute 1:26), and giving his best expressions (as in minute 2:43)…

You can understand what he is saying in its entirety, not with words but with music. You can see the artist there in his entirety…

His music is one of those someone who writes reviews looks forward to come across in their life…

His age might throw you off, in his youth is the promise of someone who can do even greater things in the future.

Lyle definitely already is an artist and he’s doing it big.

Enjoy the melody!

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