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Martin Simson’s Destroyer of Death – Destroyer of Death

Released:  January 29, 2021

Genre:  Melodic Metal

Posted by:  Lacy Mucklow/Phoenix

Rating:  4.5/5 Stars

A new project, much in the same vein of Avantasia, has been released out of California.  Martin Simson, a bassist from the SoCal scene, created lyrics and some song ideas that brought about a collaboration with other musicians around the globe. Namely, fellow American Rob Rock (Impellitteri, solo) signed on for vocals, Swede CJ Grimmark (Narnia, Grimmark, Empire 21) handled the guitars, keyboards, as well as some bass and vocal work, while Germany’s Eberhard Etzold covered the drum duties. Together, they create Martin Simson’s Destroyer of Death.

The first single to release from this collaboration is the title track from the band’s namesake, called Destroyer of Death.  It starts out very keyboard-laden, joined soon by a crunchy rhythm guitar riff and solo before the vocals enter for the first verse.  The beginning of the verses are more subtle, carried mostly by the rhythm section with light arpeggiated guitar, and then builds more strongly into the bridges that lead into the choruses.  The chorus is repetitive, yet catchy, and forms the main anchor for the song.  After the second chorus, a different segue appears that transitions into the instrumental interlude with a shredding, yet melodic guitar solo.  The end of the instrumental break reprises the introductory riffs again before ending with the thrice-repeated chorus, and then fading out with the same keyboard licks that started the song, creating a nice bookend to this nearly 4-minute track.  As might be expected from an ensemble with these gentlemen, the lyrics are spiritual in nature and are intended to be uplifting to the listener.  If this track is a sample of what is to come with a full-length album, there is some great promise with some talented musicians and songwriting with catchy hooks.  New ventures are great to bring fresh blood onto the music scene; I hope that Martin Simson’s Destroyer of Death decides to continue to pursue their new ideas.

Listen to the teaser of Martin Simson’s Destroyer of Death:

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