Dutch Metallers, IZEGRIM release the Tracklist And The Cover Art
07 Jul. 2013

Dutch Metallers, IZEGRIM release the Tracklist And The Cover Art

Hey guys,

izegrim 2When I was in the Netherlands couple of months ago, I was kind of hoping to interview this cool bunch. But they were in the studio to record their upcoming album Congress of the Insane. I said dang and YAY at the same time…

Turns out, they got their album polished now and are  all set to go. The album was recorded at Soundlodge Studio in Germany; mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken, who also worked with other death metal bands such as Dew-Scented and God Dethroned.

Izegrim are Jeroen and Bart on guitars, Ivo on drums and the band is fronted by a rocking lady, Marloes, who is also handling the bass guitar nicely. Anyway, less words, more tunes.  Here is the opener track Relic of the Past.

My immediate response was.. “Dat guitar!!! ( at around the 1.20 minute mark)… Yesss. This is going to be sweet!
Lady O

Cover art: by Mariano Villalba

Cover art: by Mariano Villalba


1 Relic of the Past
2 Decline and Fall
3 Celebratory Gunfire
4 Endless Strife
5 Deterioration from Perfection
6 Unchallenged Dominance
7 Modern Day Freak
8 The Legion
9 Carousel of Death
10 Manifest of a Megalomaniac (featuring Sabina Classen, Holy Moses)
11 Carnival of Deception

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