What’s Sean Parker been up to?
03 Mar. 2013

What’s Sean Parker been up to?

Hey guys and girls!

You know Sean Parker, one of the Lady’s lovely authors? Well, he’s not just an author, he’s a busy busy bee between his music, his book and whatnot.

Yes, you read that right. His book, Salt in the Milk – Eight Years in Istanbul will be published in March.  Be sure to check it out!

Now that his book is about to be published, you’d think he’d be taking some personal time off. Nope, he isn’t.

He and Scorpio Rising will support Sarah Blackwood at Roxy on the 23rd of March 2013 – and you can read more about them here on this very magazine and, you know, you could pick up the Trendsetter magazine February/March issue as they will be featured in an interview there as well!

You want to see them live? If you are in Istanbul on 1st of March, 8th of March or 13th of April, they will be performing live at Shaft (Kadikoy), Pendor (Taksim and Agac Ev (Taksim) respectively!

Lastly, our Sean will be giving talks at the Navisalvia Conference at Istanbul University titled Stammering and Creativity on 26/27th  of April and TEDxModa at Kadir Has University titled Türkiye, the UK, and Physical Language (also featuring a performance by Yasemin Mori) on 11th of May.

So yes, he is a very interesting and busy man and here is what he’s been up to!


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