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Mystic Festival

Veteran festival goers would agree, nothing compares to going to festival for a few days and treat yourself to the bands you love.

Once you start going to these festivals, you can never stop. You’re ruined for eternity, haha . Having experienced the big ones like Graspop, Hellfest, Bloodstock quite a few times I am now looking for new experiences in different parts of the world. Fortunately I have found a really good one for 2020: Mystic Festival.

Now that I have done all that research, I thought I might as well share with you…

First of all, it takes place at a very interesting spot, at the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow (Muzeum Lotnictwa ) sounds very promising! And in a perfect season, too: June 10–11, 2020. According to my quick research, people who attended the previous ones are so happy with the experience and want to go again next year. Reassuring!

Another reason is the accommodation; having had different experiences, my favorite is camping right next to the festival site. Metal festivals are like ultramarathons for me. I start in the morning and never take a break, in order to see as many bands as I can. Endurance is key! When the festival time arrives, I need to be super fit and need to be well fed during the festival. I am there from the first gig to the headliners but once the last gig is over I don’t want to walk much, I don’t want queue up for a shuttle. I just wanna crawl up to my tent and zone out 😀

So yeah…  the camping site is another checked box at Mystic Festival. The site will be open from 4 pm, June 9th until noon June 12th. The price is 99 pln (around 23 Euros today) per person. You gotta hurry though, the number of camping site places is limited.

For those who decide to drive… there will be a parking site for camping residents nearby. Toilets and showers at the camping site are free of charge. Cool!

If you have a kid under the age of 13, make sure to bring them along, as they are welcome without a ticket 🙂 and there is a kids’ zone at the festival area, run by a specially trained crew.(Wut??)  So you know your kid is also having fun while you’re breaking your neck headbanging J There is also a bunch of things to do for you, too, if you need to escape the madness.  

For those who prefer VIP tickets, they are also available and they come with:

  • a festival merchandise set (eco bag, fridge magnet and a limited-edition poster),
  • entrance to the special VIP area, with a view on the Main Stage and Park Stage,
  • access to a bar with a wide selection of alcohols and soft drinks (for these you need to pay of course),
  • access to sanitary facilities of a higher standard.

Another reason why they caught my attention is the fact that they were nominated for two categories at European Festival Awards: Best Medium-Sized Festival and Best New Festival… and this year it’s going to be a full open air event with three stages and 30 bands on the bill. Not only are there many, but many bands of various sub-genres of metal too.

Yes .. Let’s talk about this year’s fantastic line-up…

Well I was already sold when I saw some personal favorites like Gojira, Mgla, Katatonia, Devin Townsend and Alien Weaponry.

I have had the chance to see Gojira in smaller venues and in alternative stages at festivals (when they weren’t such a big act) and also as headliner shows as they took the death metal to new heights. Being well versed in their music; I have enjoyed all of them, but I can never get enough! My heart skips a beat when I see them as they have so much passion on stage! Phenomenally tight band … In addition to super talented Duplantier brothers, watching Christian Andreu play is such a treat!

As for the Swedish metal titans Katatonia… I don’t have enough good things to say! Their whole catalogue is just sheer awesomeness. And seeing them live is always an absolute blast. Their melancholic, wistful songs, their passion, philosophies and stories always give me chills and Jonas’ singing is beyond comparison.

Devin Townsend!!! I am in awe of the musician’s creative mind and happy to listen to whatever he releases under whatever sub-genre… and seeing him live again? Oh yes please! And Mgla!!! Super hyped about this one as I am a huge fan and have never had the chance to see them before.

Alien weaponry, hailing from New Zealand, have conquered the heart of many metalheads in no time and is easily one of the most exciting bands I’ve come across in the recent years. They seem to be getting higher on the bills as well. Well-deserved I have to say! Love their super engaging music and stage presence. They are full of energy, bounding around the stage and interacting well with the audience.

Oh let’s not forget about Amorphis. I just saw them in support of their latest brilliance “Queen of Time” and had some seriously wonderful time. Seeing my new favorite Amorphis song “The Golden Elk” and watching Esa play were such a feast.

As I type this review out, they just announced another brilliant prog metal legends: the almighty Mastodon! I couldn’t be happier as I’ve never had the chance to see them before. It will be wonderful to be in attendance and to witness the musical mastery live! I am always in awe of their incredible hooks and interesting vocal production.  I still haven’t figured out which one is my favorite singer yet, maybe Mystic Festival will be my chance to do so.

On top these fave bands, who will have my undivided attention, there are also some big acts like Judas Priest and Sepultura who have shaped my music taste, some bands that I am a casual fan of like Accept and Mercyful Fate (We all know that the King puts on stellar shows) and the ones that I haven’t heard before. What a beautiful mixture!

Some final advice; to get the most out of the festival. Make sure to check out the bands you’re not familiar with before you go. (I started off with “Infected Rain” myself and I am pretty impressed!) And when you’re there, just be in the moment and absorb the mesmerizing experience!

Lady Obscure


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