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Photo Credit: Nicole Freitag

Natasha Kojic is a recording artist/ film composer, born in Serbia, former Yugoslavia. She entered the international music scene as a singer songwriter in Serbia and Croatia and hit the top music charts. She is coming from a music family, her father is also a well-known singer in Europe.

After graduating with a master’s degree at Music Academy in Serbia (Music Theory and Composition) she was granted a full scholarship from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where she continued her education in film scoring. After her studies, she made a turn in her pop music career by moving to U.S. focusing on composing music for motion pictures and acting which was quiet shocking for everyone. Her principal instruments are piano and voice. She also orchestrates, arranges, and produces music. We can hear her music on Television such as “Michelle Obama First Documentary”, numerous episodes on Discovery Channel, ABC, CBS, FOX Network etc. Her favorite film composer is her mentor, Christopher Young.

Photo Credit: Nicole Freitag

LOMM: Can you give a little insight on your “Electro Streams” Music Album?

Natasha: Yes, it’s my pleasure that my electro-orchestral album is out. I composed it a year ago and then it took some time to sort it out, and I am glad it is out. What else should I say?
: You are a composer and a producer, besides being a singer as well. Why did you choose this genre?

Natasha: There was no any “decision making”. Ever since a little child, I loved creating some melodies on a piano or songs, and was always impressed by film scores and soundtracks (thanks to my mom that has a great taste for that), and I can’t even remember how or why, so I have no idea.
: How does the initial musical and thematic elements evolve?
Natasha: It all starts in my head, continues in my studio work station and the rest “back and forth game” goes on and on until the idea from my head (or should I say the director’s head) and what’s being produced is in sync.  Sometimes the “theme” is just a vibe, a certain mood (speaking of ambient music) so once I start getting sounds from my head into an actual track, elements kind of develop on their own. Sometimes it goes exactly like I imagined it, and sometimes it goes a completely different direction. When it comes to music for the picture, I find it easier to decide what to do versus when it’s all just in my head….

LOMM: Are you happy with your “product”? I mean, what aspects of it do you think you nailed, and what parts do you think you could improve
Natasha: To be honest, I am able to take it forever in terms of finishing my art. It is very hard to be absolutely “happy” with what I create and there is always a room to improve in every aspect. Music is a very fragile, subjective element that is very hard to be “happy” about.

LOMM: How has the overall reception been?
Natasha: I was very happy to have my tracks get licensed for various Television shows, movies etc. so to me that was sort of an “approval”. I am very happy when the director is happy. I have to say, an opinion of my mentor, Christopher Young (film composer) matters to me the most.

LOMM: Do you get involved in performing live? What’s next? Album? Touring? Any international tours?
Natasha: I used to tour a lot back in days when I was a pop singer/songwriter. I love creating music more than touring, but I could do some short tours by end of 2020, just for the fun of it, as that is not something I typically enjoy, but who knows, it will be a great exam to me to see how I feel about that now.

: What do you see for your future? How is it looking?
Natasha: Let me ask the crystal ball, lol. As long as every “now” looks good, there is a high chance that the future will remain good. I try to live in the moment.

LOMM: Could you tell us about the lyrics / themes /concepts you focus on or plan to focus on? How did the ideas come about, and how do they influence the writing process?
Natasha: Speaking of “Electro Streams” album, the whole concept came into my head in my car, while driving and day-dreaming (which results in my terrible driving).  I love to listen ambient music, or my favorite movie soundtracks, so who knows, maybe that’s also a part of my inspiration. In general, I have no idea.  

LOMM: Which is more exciting? Being on the road or studio?
Natasha: Studio! Don’t get me wrong, I love being outdoors, but for creating, I love to “cave in”. My friends are very familiar with my “sudden” absence, lol.

LOMM: Who is composing the songs? Writing the lyrics?
Natasha: As for my own songs, I did it myself, like most of singer-songwriters.

LOMM: What bands do you draw your inspiration from?
Natasha: I am not sure if I draw my inspiration from any band in particular. As far as bands, my favorite is Coldplay and Evanesence.

LOMM: What’s more important to you? Catering to the audience or music for its own sake?
Natasha:  If it is for the picture, the most important is to “dance with the scene”, and as for my own album, I can care less.

LOMM: When you look back your music career, what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
Natasha: Music is a journey, not a destination.  If I ever get to compose that much as Christopher Young, then I would be able to say “accomplishment”.

LOMM: We noticed that you are active on social media and creating content for various companies. Would you tell us more about that?
Natasha: I love to create content and it’s one of my favorite hobbies. I feel very lucky to be able to work with some of my favorite brands. Recently, I partnered with “Miracles and More” (@miracles.more) skincare which I personally use, and soon we will have some surprises and giveaways to share with people.

LOMM: Yes, we noticed that you are very much into healthy living, self-care, online giveaways etc.?

Natasha: Yes, it’s how my mom raised me. Selfcare Is essential. I just ordered a beauty box from @miracles.more for my mom right now, so let me know if you would like a present too?

LOMM: Anything else you think your fans should know?

Natasha: I always highly appreciate recording live musicians. I receive many emails from musicians and it all goes to my data-base. In a few months, I will be scoring one interesting movie, so I am looking forward to an upcoming collaborations.


“Electro Streams” Album:

**Original Soundtrack Album (Movie:“Coven”):

**Official Music Video for “Electro Streams”:

**Multi Media Website: https://laladaily.com/
Music website: www.natashakeymusic.com
*S.Media channels:
Instagram: @natashakeymusic: https://www.instagram.com/natashakeymusic/

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